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Tash Wolf Shares Her Top 5 Tips for Navigating Emotions in Tough Times

Having accrued a stacked, loyal following online for her performance videos of both original and cover material, Tash has been able to strike up a number of big-name collaborations including performances with international artists including Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Bryan Adams and Bruno Major, while also performing alongside Australian artists like Mahalia Barnes in recent years.

She take’s AAA Backstage through her ‘Top 5 Tips for navigating emotions through difficult times’ below.

  1. Let yourself express emotions: Talk to friends, go out dancing, listen to music, go for a run, explore a new place in your city and let yourself feel emotions both good and bad. The reality is it takes time to heal difficult emotional times whatever the situation is. Also know that there is always support if needed.


  1. Focusing on the small wins and the process: It’s easy to compare yourself and feel like you’re not seeing progress. The reality is showing up for yourself every day and making sure you’re working towards your goals are the most important things. Understanding that progress is not linear and it’s normal to go through ups and downs can prepare you better for navigating those emotions.


  1. Surround yourself with positive, caring friends + workmates: Surroundings can influence your perspective and headspace so much! My friends inspire me, and I always make sure we can be a mutual support for each other. We spend so much time collaborating as Artists so naturally the people in our work environment become important parts of our life. It should be a safe space to communicate directly with team members such as managers, producers and collaborators.


  1. Learning from Experiences: Nothing is ever a waste of time when you take the time to learn from experiences, a missed opportunity, heartbreak or a mistake. What did it teach you about yourself…how can you better yourself or prepare to be ready for that next opportunity. There’s so much exciting things to come you just have to believe it!


  1. Set Goals & Invest in a healthy routine: Setting goals often seem overwhelming, yet they’re most effective for momentum. I’ve often realised the underlying fear of doing something or making a mistake can self-sabotage taking an opportunity that would have made you closer to your goal or at least learning something through the process. A healthy routine makes you feel good inside and out, make sure you prioritise walks/exercise and eating well.