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Teddie Shares Inspiration Behind Hit Single, ‘strawberry cake’

Written after finding some key visual inspiration online, ‘strawberry cake’ is a masterclass in pop songwriting – hitting the listener with hook after hook of bubbly bedroom-pop goodness, the track see’s teddie’s vocals and personality truly shine; evoking sonic comparisons to the likes of Clairo, Benee and Beebadoobe.

Teddie has garnered a significant fanbase and solid industry backing over the last few years, carving a name for herself with impossibly catchy hooks and an impressive live set (that often includes the odd saxophone solo from the young Novocastrian). With significant editorial playlist support from both Spotify and Apple Music, Teddie has managed to build a significant online following in her relatively short career – with over 350kstreams for her debut EP ‘theodore’ (produced by frequent collaborator and friend Campell Burns of Vacations).

Today she shares with us the inspiration behind her latest track ‘Strawberry Cake’

Grab the playlist HERE!

Angel by Pink Pantheress

This song was pretty much the number 1 inspo song for Strawberry Cake. This song is still in the same ball park as my previous releases but with more electronic elements. I love how her soft vocals totally contrast with the quick drum rhythm, yet they suit each other so well!

Tinkerbell is overrated by Beabadooobee ft. Pink Pantheress

At 1.52 of this song, the beat kicks in and takes the song to a completely different vibe. I specifically remember listening to it with Nick Zaharias my producer and saying “I don’t know what song would need this but if theres any chance to do something similar we must” hahahaha.

4EVER by Clairo

This song is pretty much the blueprint when it comes to any teddie song, my sound has evolved since my debut single ‘call me’ but each song is definitely written with Clairo in mind. I’m always thinking about Clairo is basically what I’m getting at, she lives rent free in my brain.

Feather by Sabrina Carpenter

Ive been a Sabrina fan since her Disney days. Her new songs have the smoothest vocal sound that we try to achieve in Strawberry Cake.

Soft Side by Benee

I feel like leading up to writing my new songs I was listening to a lot of Benee and Dua Lipa. You can kind of hear that come out in these new songs. I’ve moved to a slightly more produced sound, but whilst still feeling like a teddie song.

Strawberry Kisses by Nikki Webster

It may be hard to see why this one inspired me as its not super clear. But this song is one of my earliest memories of truly enjoying music. Dancing around the living room with my siblings singing Strawberry Kisses, in a way I think this song came out of that memory.

Frankenstein by Claire Rosinkranz

My favourite part of our writing sessions is when the song is pretty much done and we start to add harmonies. It starts with filling gaps or emphasising phrases and by the end they’re everywhere!

This song by Claire has the most lush BV’s, we definitely drew on this in the session.

Afterthought by Jodi

For a lot of these songs it was about drawing from the style or little moments that I really liked. This song by Joji is different in terms of vibe but I love how casually he’s singing whilst pouring his heart out through the lyrics. Plus the Benee feature is just *chefs kiss*.

Better by Clairo and SG Lewis

Now I’ve included this song on my list as its been my go to get hyped song before starting a writing/ recording session. It really sets the vibe, gets my energy up and reminds me of the kind of music I like to write.

Teddie’s latest offering, strawberry cake is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra