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Teenage Dads Want To ‘Thank You For The Honey, Honey’

Victorian indie band, Teenage Dads have returned with yet another super catchy indie rock gem, Thank You For The Honey, Honey. It’s one hell of a tune and captures that signature sound we’ve come to know from the four piece.

Thank You For The Honey, Honey was inspired by the massively huge hit from Abba, Honey, Honey. It touches on the feelings of being deserted by someone close to you. The not so happy lyrics are over ridden however by the upbeat vibe of pure summertime sounds throughout the catchy number.

“It’s about being left in the lurch by someone and the struggles of coping with that, and that while you’re thankful for ‘the honey’, you fear the prospect of living an unfulfilling life,” explains Vincent (Drums). 

As mentioned this one just screams summer and will have you jiving away no matter what your mood.

Thank You For The Honey, Honey is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro