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The Art of Flirting Q & A: Abbe May

Abbe May

Perth’s Abbe May has been making plenty of people, namely our Editor, a little hot under the collar since the release of her seductive track Are We Flirting? and its accompanying music video. We asked the ARIA, AIR, and AMP nominee how she attempts to rev engines and what to expect at her live shows!

You’re at a bar and you see a certain special someone across the room, and you want to pick them up. What’s your go-to opening line?

I’m actually very shy in this regard! So I probably wouldn’t have an opening line. I would just sit there…alone…in the darkest corner of the bar…hidden, and hoping something miraculous would happen and the person I desire would just sleaze onto me.

What reaction do you usually get from that…technique?

I’ve been single for a while now! (laughs)

Have you ever succumbed to writing a song to try and convince someone of your attractiveness?

No…I write music for catharsis. It’s more about my own expression and mental health than it is for sex.

What’s the most memorable thing someone has ever done to try to pick you up?

Someone once set off fireworks in my front garden to try and impress me. Did it work? No, not as a seduction technique, but we remained friends.

If you could have five minutes of solid flirtation time with a musician, who would it be?

Raury! Because what a sexy, talented, deep and beautiful soul. Sha-wing!!

Do you think by the end of it, you’d have a date?

(Laughs) Nah, probably not. Mainly because I’m gay. I love women. I’m 90 per cent lesbian and the other 10 per cent is reserved especially for Raury and Tom Hiddleston…

Is Tinder under or overrated?

Never used it and never want to, to be honest! I prefer the chase. Tinder seems to be like order pizza. How un-sexy is that! You don’t have to work for it. You basically just dial up a f*ck. Look, it’s great if it works for you, but I need to get to know someone and develop a crush before I even consider having sex with them…

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Abbe May’s sound and live shows?

Soul, sex, groove, funk, gospel, guitar slinging, and beat bouncing!

We’re loving your song Are We Flirting? – what’s the story behind the song?

I wish the story was long. Someone said [Are We Flirting] to me once and I loved the directness of the question.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about you before seeing you live?

I mean everything I do. I love to connect with the audience and I take the music very seriously, so I do not get drunk before or during the shows (one tequila before is all I will do now). I see music as the greatest connector and I am passionate and truly grateful to those who come to join in!

Abbe May Live Dates

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Mojo’s Bar, Fremantle

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