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The Beefs Blaze Ahead with New Single ‘Full Speed’

Aussie indie sensation The Beefs are back with a bang, dropping their latest single, Full Speed. This high-energy track is a bonus gem on their EP Grillin Jams Volume 01, blending catchy pop hooks with gritty rock vibes and cheeky Australian humour.

Full Speed is already a hit, scoring a major spot in Speedos’ global campaign for the Paris Olympics, featuring Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery. The single has hit over 10 million views online, showing the band’s rising popularity.

The band describes Full Speed as a tribute to life’s relentless pace, from the thrill of childhood adventures to the rush of adult pursuits. They believe everyone has an inherent need to go full throttle in life.

Formed in 2018 by Sammy Smith, The Beefs have become a powerhouse in the Aussie music scene. Their debut EP, *Country Member*, highlighted Aussie camaraderie and humor. The pandemic saw them team up with artists like Kirin J Callinan and Julian Sudek, producing hits like Red Bellied Black Snake, which has over two million streams.

Known for their dynamic live shows, The Beefs bring the lively atmosphere of Aussie pubs to their performances, creating unforgettable experiences for their fans, the “Beleefers.” Don’t miss them at the Festival of the Stone in Byron Bay on June 1st, with more gigs coming soon.

Written by John Zebra