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The Best Electronic Collaborations According To Solsta 

Perth producer Solsta has recently unveiled the massive dancefloor heater, Together. It features the vocals of electronic songstress BEXX on vocals and it’s sure to get your vibe high and your pre night out drinks or even at your kick ons!

Together tilts towards the darker side of a dance floor treats, with it’s deep super low end bassline, rotating percussion and the subtle but super effective vocal stabs and stutters throughout. Solsta has really flexed on his production ability here.

“The track came together so smoothly. I instantly fell in love with the vocal effect BEXX put over the drop and her voice really complements the production. I’d have to say I’m really impressed and proud of how the vocals flow from the verse to build to chorus. The vocal swells and harmonies really work to drive the track forward and build this sense of momentum when paired with the various synths and other instruments I used. The track just constantly moves and pushes forward in such a gorgeous, lush way.” Solsta 

To celebrate the release, Solsta has filled us in with what he thinks is the best electronic collaborations.

Ultimate collaborations – the best electronic collaborations according to Solsta 


You have two juxtaposing styles. The warm and beautiful cinematic sounds of ODESZA mixed with the rough, gritty sounds of Golden Features. Two completely opposite sides of the spectrum that just come together so effortlessly. The debut album released in 2020 is a journey I feel everyone should embark on.


The Pinnacle of electronic music collaborations. Skrillex and diplo created the perfect electronic project with JACKÜ. Almost every track they’ve put out became a commercial electronic hit and cemented the artists as two of the world’s greatest.

Portals – Sub Focus, Wilkinson

Being from Perth I have to give credit to two of the biggest drum and bass artists in the world and their brain child, Portals. What a masterpiece. Every song on this album hits, not a single thing feels out of place, in my opinion it’s just brilliance.

KUCKA and flume

These guys were born to work together. Two unique styles that meld together effortlessly. KUCKAS voice on flume production creates such a compelling sound. Tracks they construct together like hyperreal and Drowning are just beautiful. Sounds that shouldn’t work just work.

Together feat. Bexx is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro