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THE CHERUBS Jump Into Action With Their Debut Single, ‘Nausea’

The Cherubs, a vibrant indie duo from Sydney, burst onto the scene with their debut, introducing us to their unique energy. Their first release, Nausea, sets the tone for their musical journey and showcases their distinctive style.

Offering an initial glimpse into the band’s upcoming musical ventures, ‘Nausea’ not only unveils a cohesive and seamless group synergy but hints at an omnipresent element of enjoyment that audiences can expect to weave into their sound as the remainder of 2023 unfolds.

Surfing on a wave of nostalgia, ‘Nausea’ takes us back to the timeless allure of classic melodies from days gone by. Produced by Peter Holz (known for his work with artists like Vance Joy and Gang of Youths), The Cherubs embrace a tapestry of vibrant and engaging instrumentation on the track, solidifying their debut as a memorable introduction.

This song came together on the final days of us writing the ep. In fact, Dylan wrote the guitar and lyrics overnight while babysitting two cats and the next day we jammed it out as a band. It was a very quick song to write, what with not over thinking the arrangement, rather letting the guitars call-and-response be the hook and allow the lyrics to tell somewhat of a statement against it all.”THE CHERUBS.

The Cherubs collaborated with director/editor Liam Clark, bringing the’ Nausea’ music video to life, while Ian Tyley took charge of cinematography and camera operations. Enlisting the assistance of students from SAE, the band transformed their vision and performance into a tangible reality. Fuelled by dynamic energy, The Cherubs crafted impactful and concise visuals, ensuring the message came across vividly.

“The music video was shot in half a day at Good Egg Studios in Riverstone.  It’s worth noting Tim Berner on bass was attacked by a cactus the day of shooting and as a result had to be replaced by a dear friend and guitarist José Herández.”THE CHERUBS.

With their debut single, ‘Nausea,’ The Cherubs have boldly marked their entrance into the music scene. This track channels a nostalgic resonance reminiscent of classic sounds and introduces their distinct musical identity. Collaborating with a talented team for the song and its accompanying video, The Cherubs have harnessed their high-energy essence and translated it into a compelling visual and sonic experience. ‘Nausea’ sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what this Sydney indie duo will deliver as they continue to unfold their artistic narrative.

Written by Chris Lamaro