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The Colliflowers Share Their Must-Have Items Whilst On Tour

Rejecting the monotony of routine existence, The Colliflowers find inspiration for their latest sun-soaked anthem, ‘Let Me Go.’ Infused with the nostalgic essence of carefree summers, the track marries guitar riffs that evoke images of twilight drives along the coast in your dad’s vintage panel van. Propelled by a pulsating drum beat that propels ‘Let Me Go’ into an irresistible forward momentum, The Colliflowers deliver an optimistic and anthemic sound that defines their second single release of 2023, capturing the spirit of liberation in every note.

To celebrate the new release, The Colliflowers have shared their must-have items whilst on tour!

  1. Telescopic fishing rods to fit in a suitcase 


When you’re touring in a new town, you never know what species of fish remain undiscovered. Don’t get caught out, grab yourself a telescopic fishing rod so you’re always prepared. Who knows, you might be the first person to catch a bluefin tuna in Dubbo?

  1. Amp simulators


Amps are heavy and flying with them is costly. Fortunately we live in the 21st century and amp simulators are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Pull your amp simulator straight out of your backpack, plug it in and you’re good to go. No more asking “Who’s bringing backline?”

  1. Toothpaste


We hope that we don’t have to elaborate on this one. Doesn’t matter if you’re on tour, there are no excuses, brush your teeth morning and night.

  1. Coffee (and lactose free milk)


Look, we’re not going to lie to you, there’s some bloody huge nights when you’re on the road with DICE. When you wake up feeling ratchet the next morning, coffee is essentially a performance enhancing drug. Just be sure to get a non-dairy alternative for the lactose intolerant folk, otherwise the smell in that tour van will peel your skin straight off.

  1. Tool kit (Essentials for gear failures)

“She’ll be right, won’t happen to me”

Slow down cowboy, yes it bloody will and when it does, you’ll be thankful for a screwdriver, soldering iron etc. We are sure to travel with a small toolkit with the essential for on the road gear maintenance. We’ve had power supplies fall off pedalboards in Torquay and leads in need of soldering in Brisbane so far. The toolkit will remain a staple for our tour items, that’s for sure.

  1. Footy


Get out there and knock a Sherrin around with your mates on a day off in some random park, it’s heaps fun.

  1. Set lists. 


The only thing more important than knowing how to play a song, is knowing when to play a song. Our ancestors were exploring the globe using the stars as their map. These days we use a napkin and a permanent marker to guide us through our sets and hey, we’re okay with that.

  1. Apra Membership (Baggage Baby)


You ever tried to get 12 bags on a plane before? Impossible. Fortunately for us, the kind people over at the airlines provide an increased baggage weight limit to us humble musicians provided we’re registered with APRA AMCOS. If you’re not in the know, well now you know. No need to thank us.

  1. Kia Carnival


This steel chariot was forged in the very heavens themselves. Never before has there been a greater motor vehicle to cram a bunch of humans and an obscene amount of gear in to and still have enough room for any activity you can think of. I’m going to pull up to my future wedding in one of these things. Genius. Love it.

  1. Square charger 

Not much is more embarrassing than trying to make a sale and your square reader is dead. Learn from our mistakes, check you’ve packed the charger.

  1. Spare batteries 

On a similar note to the above, battery powered objects also have a habit of failing, often quite spectacularly in the middle of a performance. Alex’s bass used to run on batteries (i have no idea, ask him) and oh boy, when it went down, it went down baaaaad.

  1. Noise reduction earplugs 

You only get one set of ears, mine stick out pretty far but they let me hear things, which is mission critical for success in this industry, unless you’re Beethoven. Unfortunately for us, we’re not quite on that level so don’t be silly, protect your hearing.

Written by Chris Lamaro