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The Dandys Emerge from Mystery with Electrifying New Single ‘Sorry’

Brisbane’s alt-rock scene is buzzing with intrigue as The Dandys, the enigmatic quartet known for their electrifying performances, finally resurface with their latest single, Sorry, released today. After a six-month hiatus shrouded in mystery, the band delivers a backhanded apology wrapped in a new belting anthem.

Following a whirlwind 2023, marked by electrifying performances at Splendour in The Grass, a captivating showcase at BIGSOUND, and a debut EP release, The Dandys seemingly vanished without a trace, leaving fans and industry insiders speculating about their whereabouts.

Now, with Sorry’, The Dandys address the prolonged absence with characteristic nonchalance, weaving together a tapestry of throw-away one-liners that capture the madness and irrationality of their time away. Penned as a cathartic anthem, ‘Sorry’ serves as both an explanation and a celebration of their erratic journey.

“This song is about all the words people say that mean absolutely nothing. The entire song is constructed from a series of one-liners that came up in different conversations over the last few months that I compiled in my notes app, (the tennis court line is word-for-word a text I received). I reworked it all to create a story where you can just be unapologetically insane for 3 and a half minutes.” – Mads Protheroe, The Dandys.

Fans eagerly anticipating the band’s return can expect a dose of The Dandys’ signature sound infused with raw emotion and unapologetic attitude. As ‘Sorry’ hits the airwaves, prepare yourselves for an audible experience that promises to reignite the fervour surrounding The Dandys’ electrifying presence in Brisbane’s music scene.

Written by Chris Lamaro