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The Great Emu War Casualties Raise The Bar With Their New Single, ‘Modern Indie Spacecats’

Melbourne-based indie outfit and AAA favourites, The Great Emu War Casualties, have unveiled the intergalactic rock gem, Modern Indie Spacecats. The band are on fire in 2022, with this being their third release of the year following previous singles, Dow Jones and Where4@thou Romeo.

Modern Indie Spacegoats is just on three and a half minutes of theatrical indie rock that hits the listener right in the kisser. Reminiscent of early Foals style indie, this one carries many different moments that keep you on edge from start to finish. Roaming basslines, layers of plucky guitars and bopping drum work fill the tune with the ups and downs of a thrilling roller coaster ride, add that with some epic production and excellent vocal delivery, and you’ve got yourself a perfect modern-day indie hit!

“The world is drying up and everyone is working all the time and nobody actually owns anything anymore, and we, the good little boys and girls, receive this rebrand from ownership to leasing as some sort of utopian global destination.”

We should have seen this coming from the very first day it was possible to “buy a star” and put your own stupid name on it. So where is our place in all of this? Maybe we are all the Modern Indie Spacecats.” – Joe Jackson, TGEWC. 

Some of their best work to date, Modern Indie Spacecats, is undoubtedly catchy and takes The Great Emu War Casualties on another level. It’s available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro