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The Great Emu War Casualties Return With Some Upbeat Vibes On Their Latest Release, ‘Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy’

Melbourne-based indie rock trio, The Great Emu War Casualties have just unleashed their upbeat new single, Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy. It follows on from their recent single, Anything Really and is the first of six tracks partially recorded at the former Super Melody World Studio.

Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy is a signature indie rock tune with a classic Australian feel to it. It’s filled with lush guitar lines, bopping drum patterns and a feel good vocal delivery from frontman Joe Jackson.

Partially recorded at James Cecil’s Super Melody World, ‘Boutique Suite In Funky Fitzroy’ underwent a trial by fire of sorts, making it through multiple lockdowns and a studio accident before its completion, as Saskia Clapton explains:

“This track is dedicated to James Cecil’s Super Melody World, which burnt down one week before our sixth COVID-19 lockdown was lifted.”

The Great Emu War Casualties have delivered another classic signature vibe to their already impressive catalogue. Boutique Suite In Fitzroy is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro