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The Legendary Drum-Off: Dave Grohl vs Animal


Yes, we have been waiting for this so long, and now the prays have been heard. The mighty Animal and even mightier Dave Grohl have finally figured out who’s the best behind the drum-kit. Ok, well, they have both out-drummed each other in the last episode of “The Muppets”.

You know it is serious, when Dave Grohl, the drum legend accepts the drum battle challenge from the Animal. We have seen plenty of drum-offs before, yet this one is more than your ordinary messy drum sesh. I mean, how often do you really see a Foo Fighter drumming along the muppet?

The action took place on “Up Late With Miss Piggy” show with Miss Piggy’s house band, although the real drumming mess began after the credits time has arrived…Let us say, lots of loud noises have been made and two drum kits have fallen for the sake of this drum-off. No, no one was injured, you may make sure of this by watching the piece below.