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The Offshore’s ‘Touch The Sky’ Spurs Instant Good Times

The Offshore

With the sun and sea as a heavily influence to their overall vibe and tones, The Offshore set the record straight and easily impress with their debut single, Touch The Sky.

This is a band founded on good times. They’re experts in that field, therefore their music symbolises that to a tee. The four members of The Offshore have known each other since childhood, so the kinship and camaraderie is felt through the sun-soaked tunes. All of which culminates in their debut offering, Touch The Sky.

A guitar groove that refuses to quit and sing along moment worthy of festival fields, The Offshore have set themselves up for a long and prosperous future.

I always have to give a mention to songs with a prominent bass line and Touch The Sky offers that in droves. Not only does propel the harmonic guitar forward, it also keeps the pace at a steady beat and keeps everything in complete musical symmetry. Not to mention it totally slaps.

Stream Touch The Sky below.

Written by Jake Wilton