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The Simpsons Q & A: Dusty Lee Stephensen from ‘SKIES’


Adelaide trio SKIES are turning plenty of heads with their young love inspired new single Speed Boy. We threw a few questions at their frontman Dusty Lee Stephensn about how relatable The Simpsons are to his life and the process behind the new single and it’s music video.

Are you a trouble-maker like Bart, a nerd like Lisa, or a wordsmith like Maggie?

Definitely a Bart. I stuck my finger up at society and became a muso, that’s a Bart-esque thing to do right? I use to skateboard and wore red hats as well.

Which secondary character do you “choo choo choose” to take on tour: Lenny, Cletus, or Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow, so he could pick off all our enemies and help make it a smooth tour. I’d happily have him on as guitar tech as well. How badass would it be to see sideshow bob coming at you with a Stratocaster in hand?

Have you ever had an annoying neighbour like stupid Flanders?

I actually did once have super conservative Christians living next door. Come to think of it, my family would be the closest thing to The Simpsons for a family like that to be living next door to. I can’t recall the father, but I know the kids were quite sheltered from the world and we were exactly the opposite. Our potty mouths would’ve destroyed their innocence I think!

What is the grossest thing you have ever done where you need to “stop and please think of the children”?

I have two younger brothers and from about the age of 16 onwards I was having some pretty ragging party’s. From nudity, to vomiting, to jazz cigarettes, I reckon they would’ve seen a few things a lil too soon. But I like to think they got the “what not to do” lesson from all of that. Come to think of it, we didn’t actually “stop and think of the children”, haha!

The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump would become U.S President, do you have any psychic abilities?

Well it’s not really that I’m psychic, its just that I know all the major future events that will happen because I’m a reasonably high level reptilian illuminati overlord and that’s one of the perks. Keep it on the DL please!

Mr Burns vest is made of real gorilla chest. What is one item of clothing you should never wear and why?

Snap pants. I don’t know why those were ever legal. Apart from the fact that they’re highly flammable, they were awful to look at. A hindrance to society if you ask me.

What is your most embarrassing moment when you felt like making like Homer and backing slowly into a hedge?

For me personally these moments happen so regularly that I find it hard to narrow down! But collectively I think we all felt like that at our first ever SKIES gig! It was one of those gigs were nothing went right. It was our first time trying to do this electronic with live elements thing and we really didn’t spend enough time researching the best way to go about it.

No click track for the drummer, things leaking through the backing that shouldn’t have, broken guitar strings, hard room to mix, we got the works at that gig! I’m glad we came through the other side. I’ve always wanted to play a show again with the band we supported that night, just to prove we got better! So, Crooked Colours when you’re ready…

We are really digging your latest single Speed Boy. What is the inspiration behind the song?

Speed Boy was the first track I’ve made on Ableton, well the bare bones of it in the beginning at least. I’m not very tech savvy, Zabba and Micah are the production gurus. Anyway, I liked the groove in the drums and the bass line, I knew it would be a different direction for us. I’ve always been in live bands so I think everything I create, even electronic stuff, comes out sounding like a band. I didn’t think the other guys were going to like it but they embraced it and took it to the next level. As far as inspiration, not really sure! We at no point had a clear direction for the song, it just sort of came to be.

Youve just released a super slick clip for Speed Boy about a young couple. What is the story behind that?

I guess the song is about the back and fourth motions of young love. One of the lines “its a locomotive thing” sums up the ebb and flow of a relationship. But particularly in ‘young’ love, everything seems so much more hectic and intense at the time. I think the characters in the clip depict young lovers at that stage of life, not sure exactly why or what they’re doing, but they’re doing it anyway. 

What are you most looking forward when you go to Brighton for Great Escape Festival in May?

I’m most looking forward to seeing all the bands, meeting locals, eating the food, and the banter! I don’t hold any expectations for the shows personally, at showcases like this you can play a show to hundreds or to no one, and we don’t have a name there yet. So we’ve got some solid proving to do! I look forward to the challenge.