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The Sinking Teeth Are Back From The Wilderness With ‘Good Grief’

The Sinking Teeth promo shot

After a three-year hiatus, Melbourne’s puke-punk rockers The Sinking Teeth are back with their head-thrashing angsty new single Good Grief.

This beast of a song focuses on the regrets of a frivolous life and the trepidation of dying before rectifying any misdeeds. The lyrics roar with panic and aggression, “Way too late, way too slow/The growing pains of getting old/This is how we live our lives/This is how we live our lives”. Thundering drums and raw explosive guitar punctuate the temperamental melody in tight unison.

The self-directed music video alters from the 3-piece in an empty studio performing for their lives, to a lone middle-aged man just about ready to give up on life.

The trio have been a terrorising force in Melbourne’s punk rock scene since 2011 with their personal brand of yelling rock and energetic brutality. With the release of 2013 EP ‘White Water,’ they gained national recognition and since then have toured with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Luca Brasi.

Good Grief is the first teeth-rattling number from the rockers upcoming album set to be released mid-year.