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The Steele Syndicate Is Your New Feel-Good Music!


After winning The Brightside’s ‘Homegrown Battle Of The Bands’ competition in 2015, the beautiful band of Brisbane boys The Steele Syndicate have released their new funky feel-good track Where I Need To Be.

The song and their accompanying video reflects their, toe-in-the-water kind of sound and leaves you craving a six day, soul searching trip through the Byron hinterlands.

The mixture of guitars, trumpets, tambourines, drums, and lead vocalist Steele McMahon’s energetic yet calming melodies will make you unable to hold back an ear-to-ear grin as you tap your foot to the funky-as-hell rhythm.

The track has an awesome beat, one that incorporates elements of reggae, funk, and an eclectic flair, delivering a sound that completely mixes up the Ska genre.

The 3-piece horn harmony and peaceful “ah ah ah’s” in the background complement their blissful sound and make you want jump through the screen and join them for a little jive on the beach/yacht.

By the sounds of this track and their growing popularity it’s safe to say the loveable chaps are on to big things! So have a listen and chill out maaaaaaaaaan.

The Steele Syndicate supporting The Mouldy Lovers

The Zoo, Brisbane