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The Tullamarines Share Their Top 5 Moments of Overthinking

Gather four perennial deep thinkers in an Adelaide jam space, infuse it with a blend of passion, tenderness, restlessness, and warmth, and witness the birth of The Tullamarines and their unapologetic EP, ‘Ugly Cry.’ This five-track release, including the familiar tunes ‘Never Do That’ and ‘I’m So,’ this marks a defining moment for the rising indie sensations. The EP serves as the inaugural artistic offspring for The Tullamarines, a testament to their collective creativity and an audacious step forward in their musical journey.

Demonstrating prowess not just in incisive and pertinent songcraft, The Tullamarines took charge of the recording process for ‘Ugly Cry’ themselves at Forest Range Studios in the Adelaide Hills. The EP was skillfully blended by a trio of accomplished engineers—Ben Waltho, Josh Thomas, and Michael Cutayar (known for their work with Amy Macdonald and Orchards), while the mastering expertise of Filippo Cimatti (credited with Jeff Beck and Bones) added the final polish. Beyond the studio, additional post-production touches were meticulously crafted in their individual home studios, allowing the distinctive personalities of each band member to radiate. The result is more than just a collaboration; it’s a brilliant fusion of each musician’s unique talents that transcends the sum of its parts, transforming The Tullamarines into a harmonious and exceptional musical entity.

To celebrate the release the band has shared the top 5 Tullies moments of overthinking.

  1. Benny – “ I spent so long mixing and remixing Head Roll Back that I genuinely thought about telling everyone I didn’t like the song anymore and we shouldn’t release it. Angus ended up talking me out of it and it turned out pretty good.”

I think at one point or another one of us said that each of the songs shouldn’t be on the EP, thank goodness we didn’t listen to ourselves.

  1. Every time we’d write a song all of us would get so nervous to show our lyric ideas for the song. We’d be like the spiderman meme pointing at each other to go first and hope someone would whip out some magic before we’d whisper out an idea that we’ve probably been working on the entire week before prac.


  1. When Josh was recording the huge drum fill at the end of Head Roll Back it took thirty takes or something before we got one he was happy with. Of course the first take sounded great and we ended up using the take 14 or something.


  1. Everytime our manager Seb messages our chat he starts with a “Hey team” and we all have to wait in anticipation to see what he’s going to tell us. All of us start spiralling and think the worst thing is going to happen and then he finally whips out “you’re playing a festival!” or something epic!


  1. During the demo stage of I’m So we recorded the chorus guitars over a drum loop, not paying too much attention to the tones but focusing on getting the vibe right. When we went to Cins studio to record the song properly we made a point to get the guitars sounding as good as possible, using all the amps and effects to really nail the sound we had in our heads. After what felt like half a day of recording guitars we opted to just use the ones on the demo. Classic


  1. Overthinking this list honestly


‘Ugly Cry’ stands not only as The Tullamarines’ musical milestone but also as an intimate invitation into the kaleidoscopic emotions and artistry that define this emerging indie force. It’s available now, everywhere.



Wednesday, December 6th The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne

Friday, December 15th Towradgi Beach Hotel Wollongong supporting Dante Knows

Written by Chris Lamaro