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The Unsung Hero Albums of 2015


With Triple J unveiling the top 10 albums of the year the other night, we thought it would only be fair to dedicate some time to the unsung albums of 2015. This incomprehensive list is comprised of the dark horses of the music scene, the underdogs if you will… the ones that went without acylation but deserve it nonetheless. These are the albums that played soundtrack to my 2015, and let’s be honest; it would be selfish for me not to share…

SOAK – ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream’

Standout track: Wait

This Irish singer-songwriter is unapologetically honest. Downbeat and sparse this album picks you up from track number one and carries you far away; with soft melodies, wistful piano and emotive lyrics that cause you to reflect on all of the moments in your life leading up to this point in time… it’s incredibly hard to not fall in love.

Patrick James – ‘Outlier’

Standout track: Bugs

This Port Macquarie lad can be found on Triple J unearthed, and could also be seen supporting The Paper Kites earlier in the year. He’s vaguely similar to Boy and Bear, with the same folk driven guitar in the more upbeat songs and with ballads on the album that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a movie. This album encompasses a beautiful balance of light and shade.

Last Dinosaurs – ‘Wellness’

Standout track: Every Track!

Well we all know it wouldn’t be a list of mine if Brissy boys Last Dino’s weren’t a part of it. The first new offering in three years from these guys was sure to be a big one, and without a doubt after a whirlwind 2015 of touring and adoring fans it would be unfair to overlook them as one of the best new albums of the year.

Years and Years – ‘Communion’

Standout track: Shine

After leaving fans (including myself) desperately wanting more after their 20 minute set at Splendour in the Grass earlier this year their popularity has only continued to grow. Horrendously humble and with tunes infectiously addictive this is an album I constantly find myself coming back to. What’s that saying about life being too short to pretend you don’t like pop music…?

Jarryd James – ‘Thirty One’

Standout Track: Regardless ft. Julia Stone

Another deserving Brisbane local included in this list is Jarryd James. Watching him grow from the support act of the likes of Broods and Angus & Julia Stone to singing on a track with Julia herself has been an honour to witness. Catapulted into mainstream fame, it’s no doubt that 2015 has been a huge year for this guy, and the body of work he has released to support this speaks volumes of his talent.


Tobias Jesso Jr. – ‘Goon’

Standout track: How Could You Babe

It’s an album that sounds like it should be a part of an old black and white film, with the classic no fuss nature of the composition somewhat reminiscent of the old Beatles records. Every song surrounds the burden of love, the ups, the downs and the dreams that plague your mind at night. It’s a fabulous work of art stemming from true emotion (or maybe just a little too much goon).

Ryan Adams – ‘1989’

Standout track: All You Had To Do Was Stay

Anyone who is capable of taking poppy upbeat Taylor Swift songs and revealing the true emotion and artistry behind them is okay by me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall in love with this album, there’s something a little more honest about the delivery that makes you believe in the lyrics unlike ever before. Props to T-Swizz for penning these gems, maybe you need to be given a little more credit, too.

Julien Baker – ‘Sprained Ankle’

Standout Track: Something

This debut album from 19 year old Tennessee singer absolutely takes your breath away. Holding you like the ocean it carries your heart up and down and occasionally dumps it right back down in the sand again. It’s impossible not to get sucked into the sheer emotional and vulnerability on every single one of her tracks. To display such talent at only 19, well it kind of makes you think.

Slum Sociable – ‘TQ’

Standout track: All Night

After falling in love with these guys (and their mad tambourine playing skills) at Bigsound, I eagerly awaited the release of their debut EP. So I might be pushing the boundaries here in calling it an album, but hush… this is my list and I can do as I wish. It’s a bluesy, pop hybrid and it’s incredibly addictive. You’d be forgiven for thinking the lead singer was a busty African American woman from the 70’s but just google the band and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Troye Sivan – ‘Blue Neighbourhood’

Standout track: Ease ft. Broods

Forget for a moment what you may have heard, and let go of any preconceived ideas you have about this young guy. Yes, he came from Youtube and yes, he has millions of adoring fangirls all over the world. But he’s also an incredibly influential and openly gay 20 year old singer and producer. His debut album has gone gangbusters, no doubt because of his dedicated fans. But upon listening to it, I found that it’s a collection of tracks that are so much more than simple pop nothingness. With appearances from Broods, Tkay and Allday it’s a star studded debut that you need to give a go this Summer!