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The Vinyl Countdown: Foundry Records & West End Record Market

Ever since we got our hands on our very own Crosley Portatable Turntable (check out what we’ve been spinning on it HERE) a few weeks ago we’ve been exploring Brisbane’s record stores! After having a ball rummaging through records and sippin’ on coffees we thought “why not help other Brisbanites find true happiness?”, and thus AAA’s ‘The Vinyl Countdown’ series was born. Our first edition features what’s going on at Foundry Records (yeah, that amazing coffee shop under The Foundry!) and West End’s new monthly Record Market.


Vinyl Spotlight, New Arrivals, Oldies But Goldies, Upcoming In-Store Events, & Drink Spotlight – Written by Foundry Records Owner Matt Carrett

Vinyl Spotlight: Parquet Courts – ‘Human Performance’


This album is a phenomenal example of the many different facets of alt-rock. As it progresses the mood shifts from droney, brooding tracks with driving rhythms to some all out, uptempo, art-pop. The vocalists move seamlessly between shouty rock to lines rife with tenderness and subtlety. The high production quality allows the electricity of the music shine through, bringing a nice clean taste to the crunchy rumblings of the guitars.

Stand-out Track: One Man No City – Bongo and psychedelic guitar solos in what feels like a Talking Heads track is a definite winner in our books!

This Week’s New Arrivals!

  • Seasick Steve

    ‘I Started Out With Nothin and I Still Got Most of it Left’

    Rollicking, swaggering, Country Blues.

  • Billy Talent

    'Afraid Of Heights'

    Punk-Revival, Indie Rock. A melodic Pop/Rock bomb!

  • Big Scary


    Diverse ‘Indie’ Pop-rock with blues influences. Sweet, but not too sweet!

  • The Monkees

    'Good Times'

    Who expected a new Monkees album? Nobody, that’s who! Well worth the listen. Like a tall, icy glass of lemon squash on a hot day.

Oldies But Goldies!

  • Dirty Three

    'She Has No Strings Apollo' (2003)

    Instrumental post-rock trio. Evocative, comforting, really carries you through it.

  • Public Image Ltd.

    'Second Edition' (1980)

    Avant-garde post-punk noise. A truly active listen!

Upcoming In-Store Events: Drowning Atlantis – ‘One Solution Tour’


1pm FRI 23 SEPT
Foundry Records, Fortitude Valley – Brisbane (All Ages)
$10 entry
Facebook Event

Food & Drink Spotlight: Sparkling & Espresso


It’s fairly common nowadays to see some kind of sparkling water accompanying an espresso. This is due to the palate cleansing effect created by the carbonation. The idea is to drink the sparkling water before the espresso so that you experience the full range of notes in the coffee, which may have otherwise been dampened by any pervading tastes already in your mouth. Another way to pair the two is to mix them.

Now, before you accuse me of blasphemy, just give it a try. About 100ml of cold, sparkling water (I use San Pellegrino), with one shot of espresso (or a double ristretto if you’re so inclined) poured over top. The result is a surprisingly creamy, coffee foam above a deliciously refreshing iced black coffee. Personally I like to drop three or four ice cubes in after the pour, and sweeten it just a touch with half a teaspoon of panela sugar. Santé!

Oh, and follow Foundry Records on Facebook & Instagram!

West End Record Market – Written by Jack Doonar

Love visiting West End for a killer Saturday breakfast, brunch, lunch, or boutique drinks, y’know ’cause West End has it all? Well, starting in October, the West End Record Market will add even more wonder to your occasional visits to West End. Happening on the second Saturday of every month, the Market will be spread across The Boundary Hotel and The Rumpus Room, both easily found in the heart of West End.

The flyer says they’ll be “50,000 rare records and bargains”, which means the early bird will probably nab the tastiest worm if y’all know what we mean! There’s not much info on the markets, like they’re not even on Facebook yet, so we recommend taking a picture of the flyer we picked up earlier today…


West End Record Market

SAT OCT, SAT 12 NOV, SAT 10 DEC (8:30am-3pm)
The Boundary Hotel and The Rumpus Room, West End – Brisbane