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The Weekly Slap #21

Welcome to the AAA Backstage Weekly Slap, where we give you the latest new music we think absolutely slaps! Each week we scour through our emails and bring to you the top hits from our inbox. So sit back, whack on your headphones, turn the dial to eleven and let us do the selecting.

This week has some massive inclusions. We have been very spoiled in this weeks submissions and the inbox has exploded with tunes!

Cop some sweet indie vibe from Moonspeak and their latest jam, Common Ground.


Bandmaster bring the tough electronic theme with their hard hitting tune, I Might Get High Tonight.


Richard Hummingbird brings that sweet singalong delivery on his catchy gem, Keep Us Up.


If slower atmospheric sounds are your thing, you’ll get down to Sinclaire‘s latest, I Needed You.


Get a load of that cool 90’s indie rock feel from Slow Pulp and their latest track, Idaho


Easy Morning teams up with Exxy to bring the big alt pop sound on their super catchy jam, Until Then.


Stray Fossa will get your hips moving and your toes tapping on their super cool tune, For What Was.


Aaron Taos super fun track Control cops a sweet remix from Huron John.


Limón Limón bring the absolute sweet 00’s vibes on their latest offering, Frozen Lemonade.


Mother Sun give you that fun psych style delivery on their latest offering, Sea Salt.


Let’s get experimental with Zane Coppard and his hauntingly good single, No Best Life.


The super badass and cool duo of Bad Flamingo make a return to the slap with another really really really fucking cool jam, Ain’t Too Worried Yet.


Jacana People get a really cool remix of their track There Goes My Heart provided by Sonnee. (Very impressive)


Tendendo has teamed up with Betta Borne to give you the smooth delight that is Thoughts. It’s catchy, dancey and sassy!


Kasket Club and Soul Gem have put together a really cool indie dance gem, Undiscovered. Catchy as hell!


Ryan Edmond mashes together a unique indie rock vibe with a tad bit of psych style on his latest jam, If She Knew.


Get strummy with Buddy Glass and his latest absolute power tune, Wasted Habit.


pickpocket take you on a deeper computer style journey on their indie electronica track, Altostratus.


Get to the dance floor and turn up this classic house jam Feels Like This from Hessian.


The Mad Ones round out this weeks slap with a really fun vibe on their latest track, Pretty Lights.


All these tracks and more are added to our Weekly Catch Spotify and Apple Music playlists. So if you want an easy option where you just push and play and shuffle away, we’ve got you!















Written by Chris Lamaro