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The Weekly Slap #49

Welcome to the AAA Backstage Weekly Slap, where we give you the latest new music we think absolutely slaps! Each week we scour through our emails and bring to you the top hits from our inbox. So sit back, whack on your headphones, turn the dial to eleven and let us do the selecting.

Lia Rye – All Of The Time

Kicking things off this week we head to the UK and jump into the energy filled big rock vibes of Lia Rye and her recent single, All Of The Time. The track kicks off a little subtle and soft but quickly takes off into a super catchy and instantly likeable rocking tune. This one is filled with a wide range of emotions from start to finish.

Fansandro – Come Alive

UK duo Fansandro’s latest offering, Coming Alive is a nostalgic slice of heaven. Filled with uplifting vibes and gentle tones, this one is sure to turn heads of those classic 00’s indie fans. Packed with head swaying moments and toe tapping vibes, Come Alive is a soundtrack to a coming of age movie that never existed. Super catchy and we love it!

Liz Mann – Heartbreak Disco

Keen for some more indie dance/pop? Well Liz Mann’s latest track, Heartbreak Disco is sure to keep the vibes high and the hips shaking. There is something about this one that gives me that NYC DFA Records vibe. Hypnotic synth work, grooving basslines and punchy beats give Heartbreak Disco life! Great for your uplifting playlists.

Amos Awaits – Never Over You

Canadian duo, Amos Awaits latest track, Never Over You is a dreamy track that carries a true captivating feel about it. It’s catchy hooks, gritty guitar work and dreamy vocal delivery give it it’s uber cool appeal. This one has been a hit in the office since we found it.

Hannah Robinson – I’m Sorry I Let You Down

Keeping on that shoegaze vibe comes Hannah Robinson’s new single, I’m Sorry I Let You Down. A sultry track that is oozing with cool and catchy hooks, it’s really hard to fault this tune. If you’re a fan of moody rock vibes, then this one is right up your alley.

All these tracks and more are added to our Weekly Catch Spotify and Apple Music playlists. So if you want an easy option where you just push and play and shuffle away, we’ve got you!

If  you’re an independent artist and want to have your music featured in The Weekly Slap hit us up! You can pitch your music via Musosoup, Groover or Direct!