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The Weekly Slap #51

Welcome to the AAA Backstage Weekly Slap, where we give you the latest new music we think absolutely slaps! Each week we scour through our emails and bring to you the top hits from our inbox. So sit back, whack on your headphones, turn the dial to eleven and let us do the selecting.

Yousa – Games On My Phone feat. Adnam

Kicking off the slap this week we head down to Melbourne for some fun, loud, slapping beats from Yousa. Games On My Phone is taken from his recent collaborative EP with Adnam named Madam, it’s a bouncy track that absolutely flows and is beaming with a true creative delivery. It’s a form of credible cheese that we are big fans of here, it’s witty, it’s catchy and it slaps, hard! Perfect addition to your meatier playlists.

Cymbidium – I’ll Be There

If you’re chasing that sweet classic Australian indie fix, then Sydney indie band, Cymbidium’s new single, I’ll Be There is going to be right up your alley. Beaming with a purest indie edge, this one just caught me straight away, flowing guitar licks, warming melodies and catchy vocal delivery make this track truly shine.

Great Australian Bank – Don’t Call Me

Melbourne based post punk outfit, Great Australian Bank are having a mammoth year with the release of a slew of singles. Today they’ve revealed their latest instalment Don’t Call Me. With a sound that hovers around the early 80’s nostalgia of Joy Division to a more pop edge of Ratcat, GAB bring a fresh and refreshing vibe with their music. I’ve had this one stuck in my head a week or more now in anticipation of its release. This one is perfect for those gloomier playlists.

Vena Klymo – Soft Spot

Jump on the smooth tones of Vena Klymo and her brand-new single, Soft Spot. This alt pop gem is your perfect sunny winter morning tune. Toe tapping tones with grooving bass lines and a super catchy vocal delivery, make this tune the ultimate jam. The future is looking bright for Vena Klymo.

Sleepkit – Oxygen On The Autobahn

If mindbending psych is your thing then Sleepkit’s latest single, Oxygen On The Autobahn is going to tickle your fancy. An experimental track at heart, there isn’t a boring moment with this one. It’s mesmerizing and it will have your head swaying within about 30 seconds after pressing play. A great addition to your more ‘out there’ playlists.

Sandmoon – Confessions

I must admit it’s not every day that I get sent tunes from Beirut. But I don’t know I just found this one a little captivating. There is something about Sandmoon’s latest track, Confessions that has an edge to it. Although it’s a simple synth-pop track it’s just got something in it that gives it a sense of mystery.

Maybesitter – Summer // Wasteland

Brisbane artist, Maybesitter has entered the fray with his indelible new track Summer // Wasteland. Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, Maybesitter has set out a challenge to reveal a new single each month up until its release. If this debut track is anything to go by, then we’re keen to hear the rest. Clearly a talented songwriter, Maybesitter is certainly going to be one to watch.

ŌKUBI – Echoes Over Wind

As you’ve probably realised by now, we’re big fans of experimental, edgier soundscapes here at AAA and UK electronic producer, Ökubi’s new single, Echoes Over Wind takes that sound up a notch. A nostalgic track that is filled with a wide soundscape, this track is super catchy and will have you hooked in no time.

Odd Relics – Colours

Keeping on that experimental vibe comes LA producer, Odd Relics and his latest offering, Colours. Featuring the collaborative vocals of Brazilian artist Soa, this track is a calming one but has a true mesmeric feel about it. It’s hypnotic and gave me a bit of a early Flume vibe. I really dig this one.

Holly George – Feeling

Closing out this weeks Slap is the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Holly George and her brand new single, Feeling. Heavenly piano work topped with Holly’s insanely gentle vocal delivery will have you addicted to this one. It takes a minute to heat up but this track is almost two songs in one, closing with a completely different energy to what it began with. We’re sure the Holly George will be a common name in the very near future.

All these tracks and more are added to our Weekly Catch Spotify and Apple Music playlists. So if you want an easy option where you just push and play and shuffle away, we’ve got you!

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