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The Weekly Slap #53

Welcome to the AAA Backstage Weekly Slap, where we give you the latest new music we think absolutely slaps! Each week we scour through our emails and bring to you the top hits from our inbox. So sit back, whack on your headphones, turn the dial to eleven and let us do the selecting.

Vanderlay – Conditions

This week we kick off the slap with the stripped back vibes of Vanderlay and his dreamy track, Conditions. Taken from his recent EP, Doubtful Sound this track is a wonderous number that is super gentle on its delivery, taking the listener away up the clouds. It’s an ideal addition to your chilled playlists.

Ben Drysdale – Listen Now

Keeping on the ballad vibes, we get some top shelf songwriting from Canberra singer-songwriter, Ben Drysdale and his recent single Listen Now. This one is a raw and emotional journey that sees Ben burst pour out all of his emotions. This track gives me rom com vibes. It’s a great listen.

Calling George – Lockie Leonard

Enter the fun and carefree world of Calling George and their recent upbeat track, Lockie Leonard. This track is sure to put a big grin on your face. Super fun twangy guitar work with a classroom sing a long vibes is sure to get this one stuck in your head for days! This one has been an office favourite all week.

Permanent Resident – Ashes for Dreams

Newcomers, Permanent Resident have entered the fray with their debut single, Ashes for Dreams. This one oozes with nostalgic vibes, catchy melodies and a lot of class. There is much to like about this track and we’re keen to see what the future holds for Permanent Resident. If you’re into indie gems, then this track is right up your alley.

Mint Tulip – Flowers

We close out this weeks slap with the dreamy and creative quirky vibes of Mint Tulip and their latest offering, Flowers. This track is like a warm welcome on a cold winters day. When I first heard this track it gave me those warm and cosy feels, the kind of warmth you get sitting inside looking out a window on a sunny winter day. Another great track for your stripped back playlists.


All these tracks and more are added to our Weekly Catch Spotify and Apple Music playlists. So if you want an easy option where you just push and play and shuffle away, we’ve got you!

If  you’re an independent artist and want to have your music featured in The Weekly Slap hit us up! You can pitch your music via Musosoup, Groover or Direct!