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The World Is Not Round Share The 5 Weird Things They Do Before A Show

Sydney’s four-piece indie outfit, The World Is Not Round, revealed their third studio album, Speechless, at the back end of 2023. The album is 10 tracks of pure indie bliss, hovering around those sweet indie nostalgic sounds; the album is, in our eyes, a future classic.

A hard-working live band, The World Is Not Round are renowned for their live performances and to celebrate their upcoming live shows, the band has shared with us the 5 weird things they get up to before a show.

Scan the room with a blank face.

As soon as we arrive at the venue, Chase has a habit of just scanning the empty room and the stage with a blank look on his face for about 15 minutes. Probably he’s overthinking of what he’ll do if a Bluey mascot shows up mid-set.

Talk about inflation.

Before going on stage, we usually talk about the status quo of our society. Last time, we talked about how cheap pork is and beef’s too expensive. We also discussed how strange it is that our energy levels are depleting these days.

Ancient Ringtone Finger Exercise.

Play the Nokia ring tone over and over again as a guitar exercise. We don’t know if other musicians do this, but it’s actually good getting your pinky finger warmed up by playing a mobile phone ring tone before actually playing a show.

Donald Trump impressions.

Pat is really good at doing Donald Trump impressions and he usually does it before and after every set. Last time he hyped everyone up with his Donald Trump voice, “It’s going to be a great show. We’re going to do a fantastic set. It’s gunna be great”.

Ride a horse carriage going to a gig.

Before the band moved to Sydney, during our early days in the Philippines, we had at least one instance where we had to ride a horse carriage going to our show because no one owned a car at the time, and we couldn’t find any Ubers or Taxis around. It was around 7:00pm, and the show starts at 7:30pm. We were standing outside, scratching our heads how to get to the venue on time, and then lo and behold a horse carriage passed by in front of us. We arrived 10 minutes early. Fun times.

Catch The World Is Not Round live at their upcoming Sydney shows in March. Their third studio album, Speechless is available now everywhere.

07.03.2024 – The Lansdowne Hotel

Sydney NSW


08.03.2024 – Kowboy Bar and Grill

(supporting Itchyworms)

Sydney NSW



Written by Chris Lamaro