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There’s A Tuesday Reveal Their Much Anticipated EP, ‘Boy Scout’

NZ indie alt-pop four-piece There’s A Tuesday are flying high today with the release of their much-anticipated EP, Boy Scout. Featuring three previously released singles, Girl At Night, Boy Scout and Baby Blue, the EP features a further three dreamy numbers that truly encapsulate the essence of the band’s sound. We’re enjoying watching this band rise and rise with each release, and the EP feels like something special.

To celebrate the release today, we asked the band to share their five favourite all-time songs with us.

There’s A Tuesday’s top 5 favourite songs (in no particular order)

We’re going to start with Julia Jacklin’s ‘Head Alone’. This song is incredible in all senses, musical and lyrical. Julia’s lyrics speak of owning your own body and “raising it up” to be yours. We think that her lyrics and their message are so immensely beautiful and poignant, especially amongst our current times where women and people who menstruate still have to fight for their rights to make choices for their own bodies. This song will forever be so special and incredibly inspirational to us.


The next song we have chosen is ‘Kyoto’ written by the wonderful Phoebe Bridgers. The song has an underlying sense of nostalgia and is so much fun to dance to and we as a band have had many boogies to this song. As always her lyrics are beautiful and intimate whilst also being sometimes abstract and at other times, specific. We love the way Phoebe writes and are hugely inspired by her magical way with words and ability to tell a story. We love this song so much!!!!! <3


Next up we’ve got the beautiful tune that is ‘Apple Pie Bed’ by Lawrence Arabia, this song is very special to us four because it’s the song we put on every time before we play, without fail. It almost feels like bad luck to not have a band dance to this song before going on stage. It gives us a big rush of energy and sets the tone for what we’d like to deliver on stage! The song itself has a really cool feel with jangly guitars and descriptive lyrics, it is a song we will always love and hopefully have many more listens to, before a gig.


Portra 400’ by Arlo Parks (and anything written by Arlo Parks) is most definitely one of our top 5 songs. Since its arrival to our ears, we’ve all been very into this tune. The lyrics, which are always so important to us, are so beautiful. The lyric that opens the song and sings out in the chorus is: “making rainbows out of something painful”. We think that image is so interesting and delicate, it describes a certain feeling so intricately without having to say much at all. Thank you Arlo Parks for your art – you well and truly rock. <3


A song we love and will forever love is ‘Triptych’ by Samia. Min heard this song for the first time in the winter of last year (2021) and showed the band. We all listened to it all winter long, then all spring long, then all summer long. We’d be singing it in the car on the way to band practice, appreciating its beautiful melodies and honest, warming lyrics. The music video has to be one of our favourites too. All round, we love this song, and it is undoubtedly one of our top 5 favourites.


There’s A Tuesday has put together a heartwarming EP filled with some beautiful songwriting. Boy Scout is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro