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Anthrax Release Epic New Video & Album

Athrax Press Shot

Veteran American thrash-metal outfit Anthrax have released the music video for their latest single Blood Eagle Wings from new album ‘For All Kings’.

Blood Eagle Wings is a multipart eight-minute song featuring dynamic and unorthodox tempo changes led by drummer Charlie Bernante, intricate guitar riffs by Ian Scott, and soaring vocals from Joey Belladona that effectively convey the song’s lyrical message.

The music video features a skull-face king presiding over a draconian society built on torture, torment, and murder. The protagonist, played by James Duval (Donnie Darko), firstly resists the carnage but eventually surrenders to his own graphic fate, inspired by the songs title. The video concludes with the king surveying a modern cityscape, further emphasising the song’s meaning.

Scott states, “any great city, whether it’s London, Rome, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, these cities are alive because of how many people were killed to make these cities what they are, how much blood was spilled over time”.

Anthrax’s 11th studio album ‘For All Kings’ is out now!