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Three Fresh Rock Tracks To Ease Your Angsty Mind

The Zolas with Swooner

The Zolas - Streams

After conquering their own country by having one of the longest running songs on the Indie Charts, Canadian indie-pop quartet The Zolas are back, releasing a new video for single Swooner, that is dizzyingly good.

The latest effort opens with a strong rocky riff which is soon thrown back to the sounds of ‘80s inspired pop bliss. The crisp production incorporates buoyant synthesisers with catchy melodies that is retro in the best kind of way.

The video whilst being nothing more than a straight forward band performance video, was shot in 360 degrees. Now we can watch all four members get groovy at the same time rather than rely on directors who never seem to get the shots quite to our pleasing!

Ghyti with No Dice

Ghyti - Streams

Adelaide avant-guard pop rockers Ghyti (pronounced guy – tea) have just dropped No Dice from their current EP ‘Commodities’. Inspired by their observations of the modern era’s lived experience, the track explores themes of consumerism, greed, passion and possession.

A brit pop’s ideal cup of tea, No Dice features everything from eccentric guitar solos to leaping vocals to sinful verses. The track is a rollicking, slightly dark jam replete with catchy riffs and a soaring chorus that reeks of suburban frustration.

Ghyti will be playing two one-off shows in Adelaide in a couple of weeks, check out the dates below!

Ghyti Live Dates

The Metro, Adelaide
The Grace Emily, Adelaide

Get Tickets HERE

Allan Smithy with Four Letter Reason

Allen Smithy

Following the success of ‘The Streets’, Allan Smithy, the solo venture of Matt Amery, has unveiled his newest single Four Letter Reason.

The retro Australiana rock vibe to the track is like that old fibro house on your street; slightly dated, strangely nostalgic, and quintessentially Australian.

The song is driven by a big chorus effected guitar section, and jam-packed with familiar Australian witticisms, held together in a string of flowing vocal melodies and illustrative story telling.

Whilst there has been no official word on an EP or more music, Smithy’s two singles deep and we’re already hyped for whatever’s next to come!

Written by Sam Muggleton