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Three Hump Day Tracks To Get You Through The Week

Kristin Kontrol with X-Communicate


If you’re like me and by Wednesday have the weekend on your mind, Kristin Kontrol’s brand new single X-Communicate is the perfect track to get you through the week.

If the voice sounds familiar it’s because you might know Kristin Kontrol as Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls.  Kristin Welchez  sheds the classic rock chick vibes for a brand new upbeat disco-esque sound in X-Comminucate.  The synth-pop track has Welchez truly reinventing herself as a musician and so far we’re absolutely loving it.   

Here’s hoping this track is more of what we can expect from Kristin Kontrol on album ‘X-Commuicate’ due to be released May 27.  For now we can just dance through to the weekend.

Gostwyck with Clandestine


The middle of the week is often the busiest time. Sometimes you just need things to slow down and stop so you can appreciate the moment. Six-piece Sydney folk rock band, Gostwyck, are exactly what you need to have that little bit of relaxation in the middle of all the hustle. 

Clandestine, off debut EP ‘It’s All A Dream’ is a sweet little easy listening track that’s perfect for the train ride home after a busy day at the office. 

The mix of simple guitar hooks, and that really back to basic garage sound can drift you away from the hustle of the daily life and help provide some much needed time out.

Gostwyck are definitely an upcoming band to keep an eye on, touring their new EP this month.

Gostwyck “It’s All A Dream” – EP Tour

The Vanguard, Sydney

RAD Bar, Wollongong

The Phoenix, Canberra

Get Tickets HERE

Kilter (ft. Micah Jey) with Fool For You


If the top two tracks still aren’t enough to get you through the week, Kilter’s brand new single Fool For You is sure to get you motivated.   

Featuring sultry female vocals from up-and-comer Micah Jey, Fool For You is an all-round great techno track.   The song builds up and drops in a way that is reminiscent of Flume’s newer music,  Fool For You is guaranteed to have you wanting to bop your head along  to the killer beats. 

The Kilter’s first song of 2016 is a perfect follow up to single Want 2 from 2015. His sound is really starting to develop out of the more generic electronic remix sound from previous EP ‘Shades.’

Kilter Tour Dates

The Island LIVE, Sydney Harbour

Get Tickets HERE