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Three New Silky Electronic Tracks To Wrap Your Ears Around

Woodes with Daggers & Knives


Melbourne producer Woodes was a 2015 favourite on triple j Unearthed with her track Flash Mob with producer Elkkle. She’s now stepped out on her own for her latest single Daggers & Knives. Woodes sucks you in from the start with smooth electronic beats which are quickly overlaid by Woodes’ hauntingly beautiful voice. The creative electronic loops throughout the song blend in perfectly with the pleasant and cruisey rhythm.

“This track started as something that could have relished in a dark place, but as it unraveled I could feel it transition. In my head I envisioned myself as someone else: powerful and in control,” Woodes explained.

The paradox of the power and dreaminess of the song work extremely well together. The Melbournian is set on releasing her first solo EP sometime mid year. Until then, we’ll drift away on a cloud with Daggers & Knives on repeat.

Huntly with Sunday Sheets

Huntly 2016

“Emotional rave” trio Huntly have established themselves on the fringes of Melbourne’s music communities, combining modern R&B, dark pop, and lo-fli soul. Their new song Sunday Sheets is a sensual and unsettling combination of all three genres.

The song is built upon a sensory electronic soundscape with melancholic vocals that create harmonious intervals. During the bridge the song lets go of the steady rhythm as the vocals smoothly fade away to making room for an energetic baseline and manipulative vocals.

The result is a climax to this sensual electronic track. The video for the song centres around displaying black and white images of people boldly exploring the concept of touching. The trio are geared up for a several releases this year with the second single from their debut EP set for release at the end of March.

Huntly Single Launch
Gasometer, Melbourne

Lapsley with Cliff


London-based singer-songwriter and producer Lapsley has dropped her new single Cliff ahead of the release of her debut album ‘Long Way Home’. The song represents the feeling of distance between two people and the gradual self destruction of an individual in a relationship.

This ominous feeling is certainly conveyed in the song both lyrically and musically. Deep electronic beats and flickering vocals drag you into a dark place that sounds like the product of a bad ending to a relationship. The song is not entirely dark however, as a melodious piano kicks in as a pleasant disruption. The song finishes of in a light percussion beat that contrasts the darkness throughout the rest of the song used almost as the light at the end of the tunnel.

The EP ‘Long Way Home’ will be be released this Friday, March 4.