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Three Polarising Tracks For Your Discovery

LIZ STRINGER with Anyone

Liz Stringer

As we head into the cooler months of the year Liz Stringer will help keep you feeling warm and upbeat with her latest single Anyone from her forthcoming album ‘All The Bridges’.

The song sets off with rhythmic guitar part, a driving drum beat, and an underlying bass line that whips you into a sweet, energetic state. Stringer’s smokey vocals are soothing and comforting while the backing instrumentation puts you in a mood to get out and be with your friends.

Stringer wrote Anyone in Portland, drawing inspiration from her homesick feelings. “It’s a song about friendship and loyalty. I wrote it as a direct message to my friends because I wanted to let them know the gravity of my feelings for them. It just felt like the right time for this song to happen,” says Stringer.

Liz Stringer’s fifth album ‘All The Bridges’ is set to be released Friday, 1st July.

GARBAGE with Empty

Garbage 2016

Alt-rock veterans Garbage have you got covered in reliving the fun and teenage angst of the 90’s with their first release in over four years Empty, from their highly-anticipated sixth studio album ‘Strange Little Birds’.

Empty instantly hits you with a quick guitar riff that leads into a heavy bass and deep, enthralling drumbeat, capturing Garbage’s signature energetic frustration.

Shirley Manson’s voice catapults through the heavy, electronic instrumentation as she sings about…well emptiness! “Empty is just exactly what it says it is. A song about emptiness,” says Manson.

‘Strange Little Birds’ was recorded and produced by the band in Los Angeles and is the follow-up to 2012’s highly praised album ‘Not Your King of People’.

Garbage’s new song Empty is out now, with their album ‘Strange Little Birds’ due out in June.

ALEX WATTS with Hopeful

Alex Watts 2016

If you’re having a not-so-great week then you definitely need to watch Alex Watt “try to woo himself” in the hilarious, light hearted new music video for Hopeful.

Channeling a Grease-like retro appearance, the video depicts a musical drama about the push and pull of courtship and flirting as Alex Watts explores both gender roles.

Hopeful is slow tempered with tangy guitar riffs, a classic retro drumbeat, and sweet soulful jazz instrumentals. The intriguing instrumentation provide a perfect accompaniment to the longing lyrics as he tries to attract his female counter self.

The video depicts the back and forth conversation of man trying to court a woman, both played by Alex Watts. The woman, a cross-dressed Alex Watts, is tempted but has reservations about being courted by this new guy. The clip plays as a tribute to ‘West Side Story’ but with a twist of ‘eloquent’ drag queens.

Directed by Cesar Rodriguez and with the help of choreographer Chafia Brookes, the video also features an entertaining colourful dance sequence presenting a sense of hilarity and ridiculousness.

Alex Watts will also be undertaking a residency at The Grace Darling in Collingwood, Melbourne throughout May with special guests.

Alex Watts Tour Residency at The Grace Darling (ft. Special Guests)

MAY 4 – 25