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Timber Bones Release New Toe-Tapping Single

Timber Bones AAA

Gold Coast reggae-rock outfit and all round legends Timber Bones have released their best single to date with the cracking upbeat track Travelling Song.

Travelling Song was written in celebration of a festival romance, which the band says was the result of excessive cider consumption, inadequate sun safety, a whirlwind of summer dresses, white smoke, and young love.

The bouncy folk-rock track sounds like the love child of Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons, and with plenty of fun “do-da-das”, the song is impossible to not sing along to.

The band’s guitarist Kendall said when Timber Bones first started writing music together they had aimed for a more folky sound.

“Originally the guitar lines were written for banjo and the song was jug-tootingly folky. When the song came out of pre-production at The Palace our producer, Caleb James, had worked this awesome festival vibe around it.

“People heard it and started dancing so naturally it became our festival song and my banjo became a paper-weight,” Kendall said.

The merry 5-piece are currently tearing down Australia’s east coast in their DIY customised tour/living bus, with reports the whole journey is being documented for a web-series to appear on their website.