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To Bey Or Not To Bey? The Controversy Of Beyonce On Triple J


Queen B has made history with her latest album ‘Lemonade’, which was released just last week, coming in at #1 on Billboard 200. Beyonce not only placed at #1 with her album, but also broke all 12 tracks of the album into Billboard’s Hot 100. The queen of pop-RnB has already taken the world by storm, but controversy was sparked last week when triple j decided to place the mainstream artist on high rotation.

Setting fire to the social media realm with an unavoidable ripple effect, triple j announced ‘Lemonade’ as an “album packet” into high rotation. After Taylor Swift’s outright ban from last year’s Hottest 100, the j has listeners battling for the ban of B and her juicy release. The reaction even brought presenter Zan Rowe to defend triple j’s decision, tweeting, “If you haven’t seen or heard Lemonade in full and are slamming it, then nope. That’s just ignorant. #cleareyesfullhearts“.


The album itself features already popular triple j artists including The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, and writing credits from Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. Beyonce really pushes the boundaries of RnB in ‘Lemonade’ as she plays with reggae in Hold Up and even pulls off a slight country jam in Daddy Lessons. Such a versatile and respectable woman is worthy of the triple j ranking.

With fellow RnB artists like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd not only receiving high rotation, but also breaking the top 20s of last year’s Hottest 100, it only seems fair to let Beyonce play with the other big kids. After all, T Swiz was banned from the Hottest 100 due to the participation of KFC in the #tay4hottest100 campaign. To no surprise, #bey4hottest100 has already taken to the twittersphere and as long as no fried chicken gets in the way of this one we have no problem with ‘Yonce breaking into triple j’s Hottest 100.