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Tom Prettys Release Sweet Debut Single “Shelf Life”

Tom Prettys

Melbourne’s Tom Prettys have just released their debut single Shelf Life, and it’s a catchy little post-punk track! The single is the first release from the band’s much anticipated double single release which is due out this October.

The 4-piece first met online through a Facebook group in late 2015, and have spent the past year honing their sound. Drummer Jeri Karmelic and guitarist Pete Lykouras agreed to meet up, with Karmelic bringing vocalist Matt Stryn along. Shortly after, the band acquired second guitarist, Tom Graham, and the lineup was complete!

Shelf Life is a boppy, 80s-reminiscent track with jangly guitars and a steady bass line that thumps along consistently, I afraid of tackling the higher notes. The vocals sound a little like Robert Smith or Morrissey, and add nicely to the track. Vocalist Matt Steyn says the song is about trying to make relationships work.

“The track is about putting effort into relationships, giving them energy and concern for no other reason than that’s what you’re used to doing”, says Steyn.

Check out Shelf Life if you’re into smooth 80s post-punk tunes!

Tom Prettys Live Dates

The Gasometer, Melbourne