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Top Knotch Florist Q & A: Georgia Potter from Moreton


Brisbane/Byron Bay 3-piece Moreton are turning plenty of heads after a killer set at BIGSOUND and nation-wide praise for their recent singles The Water and Johanna. We asked the trio’s frontwoman Georgia Potter about the connection between flora and Moreton’s music plus what we need to know ahead of their debut EP’s release!

If you could compare your music to any kind of flower, what would it be?

For this EP the Banksia is the obvious by only choice. The artwork for this EP is a microscopic photograph that I took of a Banksia specimen, a sliver of its stem in fact. I spent a lot of time growing up in the Moreton Bay region and the Banksias were everywhere, especially on Bribie Island where we were.

They’re beautiful and ugly and unsettling but familiar. Some smell like honey-nectar and others like rot. And once I saw how intense it was under the microscope, it really became the emblem for this EP!

Which flower best represents your personality?

Flowers and plants are so perfect and adaptable, and I am so flawed and defeated! I have my favourites, but I could never liken myself to such beauty! I’m probably some tiny flowering pond weed that doesn’t like to be too wet or too dry or too light or too dark. Or some manic phototrophic thing like a sunflower that spends its day with its head rolling around trying to keep up with the sun.

If you chose one flower to be extinct which one would you choose?

Now now, we can’t just go messing around with the ecosystem – everything has its place. However, stupid humans have definitely wreaked havoc by introducing foreign species and I would love to return all invasive/noxious plants back to their places of origin. In Australia I’d love to see all Asparagus Fern, Morning Glory, and Camphor Laurel GONE, just to name a few.

If you were faced with a breed of giant human-eating flowers how would you stop them and save the world?

I wouldn’t! We need a predator! There’s too many of us, we’ve got to go. I’ll volunteer!

If you were Poison Ivy how would you defeat Batman?

Well just like actual Poison Ivy, by giving him a terribly itchy rash of course.

What is the most prickly-pear of a subject you’ve ever had to talk about?

I’ve spent my whole damn life with my foot in my mouth so I’ve forgotten what prickly feels like…

If you had to pick one person in the world to get eaten by a Venus Fly-Trap who would you pick?

Pauline Hanson, because someone/something has got to take her out. Shame on you Pauline. Shame on you One Nation. And a plague on all your voters!

For the uninitiated, how would you describe Moreton’s sound and live shows?

Live we’ll be coming at ya exactly as we did on the EP. We kept the EP as live as possible, with just the three of us – guitar, bass, and drums. The very core of what we’re doing is folk music I think, but we’re on the noisier side of things. The content can be quite melancholy and/or nihilistic, but sonically that’s usually paired with something either serene & strangely uplifting or something unapologetic and cutting.

We’re loving The Water, what’s the story behind the song?

Writing is usually a little more abstract for me than writing about a story. Though occasionally it happens that way. The Water is about surrendering to circumstance. It might not be how you expected, or what you’d hoped for, but that’s where you ended up. And the only option left is to surrender, take the path that water takes, the path of least resistance, and hope you’ll wash up somewhere improved.

Lastly, what are three things fans should know about your upcoming debut EP ‘Specimen’?

That it’s the tip of the iceberg, that it was born from the very depths of my soul, and that we’re pressing it to vinyl!

Moreton’s debut EP ‘Specimen’ is set for release on Friday, 7th 0f October.

Moreton ‘Specimen’ Tour

Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
The Toff, Melbourne
Brighton Up, Sydney

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