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Torfason Get Their Croon On, Drop Fresh New Electronic Single

Tofason Image Editted

The Brisbane duo ‘Torfason’ have revealed their debut single Fall, branching out after departing from ‘Last Dinosaurs’ with Robert Bullock on vocals and Sam Gethin-Jones providing the sweet melodic hook to this single.

The electronic melody dictates this song, and it will have you grooving along from the first listen (there will be replays, trust us on this). It doesn’t stop there, as the smooth RnB vocals complete this little number. The track will have you thinking of candlelit dinners with an old flame or reminiscing of one in this slow paced song.

There are definite Daniel Johns (the new stuff) or James Blake vibes in this track, but with a far more layered, dense and textured sound. While it never quite reaches a dance pace, the track doesn’t wallow in a soft croon either, so don’t head in expecting a Chet Faker redux.

The duo have gone in quite a different direction since their departure from ‘Last Dinosaurs’, taking on an emotional undertone to their sound and bringing out the best of both in this duo. Listen to Fall on the link below, and to hear more news from ‘Torfason’ follow them on Facebook.