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Torizon Return With Potent Single, ‘Damaged’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based alternative-rock band Torizon have just returned with their impassioned new single ‘Damaged‘ – recorded by Kalen Austin and mixed by Chris Blancato (Northlane, Reliqa).

‘Damaged’ is an operatic, intense cut of alternative rock led by the soaring vocals of lead singer Mish Sharma. Growling, distorted guitars and hammering bass create an all-encompassing tidal wave of instrumentation that underpins the earnest and salient lyrics. A grandiose bridge led through escalating drums and double kicks, helps launch into a furious last chorus.

Mish talks about the meaning behind ‘Damaged’:

“‘Damaged’ is written about narcissistic abuse from the perspective of the victim calling the abuser out. Statistically, the likelihood of adults with childhood trauma ending up in dysfunctional and abusive relationships is very high. As someone with complex PTSD (treated), I found myself in multiple abusive relationships. With the help of a great mental health care team, all my connections now are safe and supportive. The song was written from the perspective of someone who has broken the cycle and can now see the signs of NPD and narcissistic abuse.”

To accompany the release is the eye-grabbing music video – filmed and edited by Emerge Creative with production design by Emma Mallory. Following the track’s lyrical themes, the music video focuses on an actress who breaks into her narcissistic ex’s home and starts to break things as she looks for her heart in a glass case. Mish continues, “Emma came up with the concept of the actress frantically searching through her ex-partner’s home. The heart depicts her power, which she takes back at the end of the video. We had to shoot with the feathers twice, meaning we had to clean the entire studio twice. All of us still find random feathers in our homes. I also had to sing with the feathers raining on me – I swallowed many of them, haha.”

In the live arena, Torizon have packed out multiple hometown headline shows and shared stages with the likes of Valhalore, Darkcell, Circles and The Stranger. In September, they will support Orpheus Omega and Triple Kill on their ‘Riff N Tour‘ national tour at The Brightside in Meanjin/Brisbane and Crowbar in Eora/Sydney.

Taking inspiration from luminaries Evanescence, Tonight Alive and Bad Omens, Torizon is a project born out of therapeutic and cathartic musical expression, beginning when Mish immigrated from India to Australia. Mish explains, “Music was my therapy through a traumatic childhood. I immigrated from India with the sole vision of writing and performing original music. Music gave us all an identity in our individual adolescent lives and an outlet to express ourselves creatively. There aren’t many Indian women in heavy music, and I’m honoured to represent them through my music. I’m living the dream that my 10-year-old self had.”

‘Damaged’ is available worldwide now




*supporting Orpheus Omega and Triple Kill

Written by John Zebra