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Torren Foot Teams Up With Associanu for The Dance Floor Heater, ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’

Embarking on a fresh journey into the year, Torren Foot, the dance virtuoso from Down Under, unleashes the electrifying beats of ‘Sleep When I’m Dead’ in collaboration with the dynamic LA collective, Associanu.

A maestro on the dance floor, Torren Foot seamlessly melds his spicy signature club sound with Associanu’s alluring vocals, creating a auditory experience that captivates the senses. The fusion of Torren’s deep, reverberating bass notes and Associanu’s sultry tones forms an irresistible blend, casting a hypnotic spell on all within earshot. With impeccable production and an irresistibly addictive hook, this musical collaboration guarantees to keep the groove alive and kicking, ensuring a night of non-stop movement and euphoria.

 “I live quite a hectic life. Between touring, studio, working full time on the docks and dad life, I’ve unofficially adopted the Sleep When I’m Dead mantra.

“On a weekend trip to America, I met the Associanu crew at a late night party in the Hollywood Hills. Sharing a similar passion for squeezing the most out of life, we continued to cross paths in the early hours of the morning, and eventually linked up in the studio and laid down what became ‘Sleep When I’m Dead. – Torren Foot.

As Torren Foot and Associanu join forces in ‘Sleep When I’m Dead,’ they not only deliver an immersive dance-floor anthem but also offer a sonic masterpiece that is bound to echo in the hearts of music enthusiasts, marking their collaboration as a resounding triumph in the realm of electrifying beats.


February 10 – Above, NSW – Australia
February 16 – Costa Mesa, CA – United States
February 17 – Santa Barbara, CA – United States
February 18 – Chicago, Il – United States
March 2 – Bathurst, NSW – Australia
March 8 – Calgary – Canada
March 9 – Vancouver – Canada
March 10 – Whistler – Canada

Written by Chris Lamaro