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Tour Diary: Kim Churchill

‘Weight Falls’, Kim Churchill’s latest body of work, has seen the artist take the world by storm. Touring Australian for months on end, Churchill found time in his busy schedule to visit Europe on support duties with Milky Chance. In this exclusive behind the scenes tour diary. Churchill takes us on the ride that is his wild and amazing life on tour.

Clemens working his magic. I’d go sign and have loads of girls ask me to hook them up with Clemens or tell them where he was partying later. He’d be backstage with his wife and kid reading a book haha.

Antonio getting wild!

I bought the band and crew each a really nice bottle of whiskey o the last night. Us sharing a taste before our last set of the year.

They dressed up as Santa and stormed out stage on the last night. Replaced our microphones with bananas and my water with whiskey. We got em back!

I believe this was in Leipzig. A beautiful evening and a beautiful bunch of people.

Having a beautiful time with Antonio. He really made me feel welcome and was a lovely friend on that tour.

Looks like the last night of the tour in Munich during a tuning moment.

Great times onstage. Indeed it was.

Getting into a harmonica solo in our set. Was crazy to see every room pretty much completely full when we went onstage.

Deep in the middle of a harmonica duel. The perfect amount of competitiveness and joy. Antonio was a far better player than me though.

Tom revving up Clemens in their last song. Tom dances pretty good under the guise of Santa Clause. He was the boss!

At the Frankfurt show. The lads would get me up in the last song and we’d have a big jam an give the crowd a bow. It was kinda mind-blowing to be included in that. They made us feel so valued and welcome. Quite inspiring.

First time in soundcheck with Milky Chance learning the harmonica riff I played with them. At the Palladium in Koln.

Having fun in Berlin. My drummer Tom probably just snuck in some cheeky extra lyric or harmony. It always cracked me up.

Antonio and I were the hype guys. We’d just bounce all over the stage and rev everyone up.

Watching them play was truly inspiring! The whole team and band we’re all just masters of their craft.

Bout to go on in Koln. Feeling jittery.

We had two beautiful days off in Dublin. We drank lots of Guinness and listened to heaps of amazing live local music.

Berlin in the fall. The leaves were all such beautiful colours. I wanted to paint this picture.

One of our many beautiful walks and explorations of cities. I got very lost in Berlin in an enormous park. Saw this place along the way.

Me in front of some crazy big old building. Quite breathtaking. I bought a pretzel moments later.

Jamming away. Double harmonica duels this night. Can never have too much harmonica (not really….)

In Utrecht, Holland on a press day.The old part of the city was beautiful and was nice to get out of Amsterdam after a few big nights. Really enjoyed exploring that city.

Frankfurt. Defs had the jitterbugs before going on. The crowds were very welcoming.

Quite euphoric moments. The lads were always spent but happy by this time.

Speaks for itself. Drank a fair bit of whiskey and learnt a few things. I learnt that every day they would lose hundreds of litres of whiskey to evaporation. They called it the angels share.

As we arrived in Munich. Super tired and ready for a schnitzel!

Jumping around onstage somewhere. Couldn’t tell where. Was nice to dance onstage for a change. I play too many instruments in own show for much movement.

Written by Jake Wilton