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Tourist Unveils Immersive Journey with Fifth Album ‘Memory Morning’

UK electronic artist Tourist has unveiled his much-anticipated fifth album, “Memory Morning,” marking a bold departure from his previous works. Released under his own label Monday Records, the album promises a hypnotic journey through nostalgia and disorientation, resonating with a diverse array of influences ranging from shoegaze to psychedelic music. With singles like ‘EST’, ‘Second Nature’, and ‘Crush’ already making waves, “Memory Morning” is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

Tourist’s innovative sound has garnered widespread acclaim, with his previous releases gaining traction across the electronic music landscape. Now, with “Memory Morning,” Tourist ventures into new sonic territories, drawing inspiration from a myriad of influences to create an album that transcends boundaries and invites listeners into an immersive world of sound.

Reflecting on the album’s creative process, Tourist shares, “‘Memory Morning’ embodies a world of its own, a place where listeners can discover new corners with each listen.” Crafted with a minimalist home setup, the album showcases Tourist’s instinctive approach to electronic song writing, resulting in a rich tapestry of soundscapes that evoke a dreamlike atmosphere.

Memory Morning stands as a testament to his artistic evolution and unwavering commitment to pushing auditory boundaries. Dive into the immersive world of Memory Morning and experience electronic music like never before.

Written by Chris Lamaro