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Track-By-Track: Junior Danger

Champions of the swamp-rock moniker, Junior Danger have just released their debut album to an amazing critical response. We first caught them on the back of the aptly named Dirt and Grime—a track that wholly captures Junior Danger’s frivolity and raucous presence. With the album now available to the whole world, and a tour planned for the east coast, we asked Junior Danger to run through each track of album and give us an insight into its creation. Equally, we’re learnt a lot about Junior Danger as they have about themselves.


A seductive little guitar ditty strategically positioned first off the grid to lure the unsuspecting listener towards the borderline, which separates us from the dirt and grime.

Dirt and Grime

As the title would suggest, this thumping dirge gets elbow deep in the nitty-gritty. An onslaught of fuzz, octave, supersized-overdriven amps and stomping feet, that’s what we consider to be a good time.

Chasing the Red Sun

Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind. Set to the sounds of the bayou the basic moral of this twisted tale is you’ve got two options. You can allow yourself the misfortune of the mundane or you can raise that middle finger and chase the red sun.

Black River Automatic

Pack that briefcase with more than you’ll need for the trip, load it into the trunk of a Cadillac Eldorado and push it as far as you can. You’ve got yourself a scuzzy moan.


A salute to the late, great Malcolm Young. British amps and a heavy right hand keep this locomotive chooglin’. A mythological siren who’s painfully familiar. Close you’re eyes and you can almost taste her lips.


I blame this one on too many misspent nights as a youth dazed and confused as we rambled our way through the black mountainside. In the darkest recess of your demented mind you somehow knew at some point during the night you’d be longing for home wondering how you were going to dig yourself out of this mess… again.

Love Pty Ltd

Embrace the stain, keep on moving and don’t get caught pulling silly faces when the wind changes. There’s a mortgage on love and it’s time to pay up. Dust off those fuzz pedals and crank up the thunderbirds. This is going to hurt.

No Comfort

We welcome any complication as long as it’s warm. That’s what this one is… a warm complication. We always have to learn the hard way. No matter how many times we choose not to heed the warning there’s never room for lessons learnt. Everyone was having a great time at the party and then bam, everyone out of the pool!

In the Meantime

We were indulging in what might be considered a little too much Grinderman (if there is such a thing) at the time track 9, In the Meantime, was conceived. The Nick Cave/Warren Ellis combo-pack is something one can only stand back in awe and admire. We’re still trying to work out how to pull this one off live.


The Mariana Trench, home to the Challenger Deep, the deepest known point in the Earths Oceans. We decided it was a beautiful name for a woman and then we wrote her a love song. A pop infused bender, paying tribute to the greatest man to ever walk these dusty streets… Keith Richards.

Toll Rd.

A farewell. The last song of the album and also an encouragement to continue the journey through the night and into the dawn. There’s a familiar theme being explored throughout the album and Toll Rd. puts the full stop on the debate. Raise that middle finger to the haters and seek out the weird ones. It’s more fun that way… until you loose an eye.

Junior Danger Live Dates

New Globe Theatre, Brisbane
w/ Elko Fields, The Desert Sea, Wakan Phoenix
Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar, Melbourne
w/ Two Headed Dog, The Desert Sea, A Basket Of Mammoths
Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
w/ Two Headed Dog, The Desert Sea, A Basket Of Mammoths

Written by Jake Wilton