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Track-By-Track: The Attics

The debut album from Melbourne psych-pop group the Attics has some serious grooves on it—rivaling their contemporaries such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and even ‘Currents’-era Tame Impala. With that out of the way, and having released the self-titled record just last week, the Attics are hot on the tongues of the public at the moment. The band shared some insight into each track of the album exclusively with AAA Backstage.

A calypso tinged beat with the tempo wound right back. This song captures the motions of reasoning with stress. Everything is going to happen anyway.

Stuck Anywhere
A late night kicks into fifth gear after a long stint at the local. I’m in trouble again, I’m making a half-hearted effort to fix things, but it’s all bitter-sweet as there is victory in being together to begin with.

The hazy morning that follows. My head will start hurting by this afternoon. There’s a crunchy drum beat and some wandering vocals I recorded in the bedroom. We all need a minute to ourselves sometimes.

Lying Together
An upbeat pop song riding on a heavily compressed bed of slushy electronic drums. Lyrically, the track explores ideas associated with modern day romance where Lying Together refers to both intimacy and the polar opposite. Hello Tinder.

Is This Rolling Back The Time?
An element of funk is introduced and suddenly I’m singing in a really high voice. We’re still not too sure what this song is about but it’s generally fun to dance to.

Wild Honey
A stabby organ and restrained guitars. This song took way too long to finish. It’s about the perfect relationship where we don’t get lost in emotions too much, just a little bit. And you like to call me honey….

Bliss / Bless
A generic pop journey descends into an unpredictable tangle of choir vocals and gentle walls of reverb soaked guitar. This is the closest we get to a ballad. The story is about a carefree youth ignoring responsibility until it finally catches up.

Drop (A Bubble)
I once made a joke about drugs at a gig in Wollongong—the band told me not to tell it again. This song is about drugs.

The oldest song on the album. This song is about pretending to be more than you actually are and was inspired by the time we found a last minute online discount and stayed in a 4-star hotel in Nagoya, Japan, when we could only really afford a hostel. Think about the concept more broadly though…

Alright, Again
A sweet lullaby recorded in the bedroom. Full circle back to track one and after we’ve listened to 10 whole songs, everything is still alright. Relax. Everything is going to happen anyway.

Written by Jake Wilton