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Travelling The World Q & A: Luke Antony

Luke Antony

Camp Queensland soul hero Luke Antony is currently travelling the world on the back of his amazing live show and killer new single Separate Ways. We asked the rising electro-pop star about his best and worst travel experiences and the story behind his latest banger!

Do you have a dream destination you wish you could travel to? 

I haven’t travelled nearly enough! I would love to see all of the Seven Wonders of the World. I think you gain so much perspective when being faced with something magnificent…something that makes you feel small.

What is the worst place you’ve travelled to? 

The worst place I have travelled was definitely Noumea, it was a stop on a cruise I went on once.  It was dirty, smelly, a tad scary, and I’m convinced I ate something I shouldn’t have when I ordered a beef burger…

Would you recommend hitchhiking as a key form of travel? 

I’m loosening up to the idea of hitch hiking, it could be fun but I’m not sure I will ever actually do it. I have seen one too many scary movies to trust a stranger in a car (laughs).

What’s the best way to live on a shoestring budget while travelling?

Stay with friends and cook your own foo…everything your mum taught you growing up! But I have learnt also not to be afraid of taking a risk, positive vibes!

What is your favourite city or country to visit? 

Well I’m currently sitting on a gorgeous terrace in Munich while writing this. I’m in love with this city, the architecture and the people are beautiful! I would love to explore more of Germany…

Hypothetical scenario: You get free air travel for the rest of your life but you can only take 2 changes of clothes and 50 American dollars per trip, would you accept?

TOTALLY! From the work that I do I have friends to stay with all over the world.  One friend in Paris is actually a designer, so I would be sorted for extra clothes. And I could always sing for my supper if need be! I’m so not above that…

Are hostels underrated or overrated?

I’m such a princess when it comes to accommodation, all my friends make fun of me! I do love a hostel for meeting new people, but I just can’t go passed a comfy hotel bed with duck down pillows! So I would say overrated.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Luke Antony’s sound and live shows?

It’s pop meets soul/electro/funk, and a bit of house. My music is really a fusion of everything I love and inspired by. I love taking an electronic synthesiser and fusing it with some organic instrumentation and smashing some dirty soul vocals over the top! My shows are high energy, fun, and a tiny bit camp! If you leave and haven’t felt something then I haven’t done my job properly!

We’re loving your recent single Separate Ways, what was the inspiration or story behind the song?

Thank you, I love it too! It was inspired by my life actually. I came to a point a few years back when I realised I had to choose between love and chasing my dreams. I think its important to identify that sometimes you need to let go of something great to eventually come to something even greater.

Lastly, what are three things fans should know about you? 

  1. I’m a Christian.
  2. I’m an advocate for LGBTIQ youth and LGBTIQ community issues.
  3. I’m a songwriter originally from far north Queensland.

Written by Max Higgins