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Tree and Ray Take Us On A Joy Ride in “Spectrum” Music Video

Tree and Ray Aug 2016

Although it’s been a whole year since they released their Spectrum, Brissie quartet Tree and Ray have now released the song’s music video that somehow nails what the band and their song is all about.

The video takes you on a fast-forwarded joy ride on a delightful sunny day around the streets of Redcliffe, north of Brisbane. The speed of the video is revved up, perfectly in sync with the tempo of the song and it’s often frenetic vocals.

With a front forwarded view you feel as through you’re right there in the car with the band. They even manage to match the lyrics perfectly with the sights of Redcliffe, taking us right down to Moreton Bay as they sing “Do you (Do you)/ Want to (Want to)/ Walk down (Walk down)/ By the seaside?”. The video ends with a cheeky smile by the band themselves after reaching the bay, which raises the question what kind of banter happened during the drive?

The band are gearing up for their upcoming single in dropping in early September and their upcoming gig later this month. Check out our interview with Tree and Ray HERE and the music video below!

O.J Mengel, Tree and Ray, and Julia R. Anderson

The Milk Factory, Brisbane

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