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Tusks Announces New Album, ‘GOLD’ and Reveals New Single, ‘Adore’

After making a significant mark with her acclaimed albums ‘Dissolve’ in 2017 and ‘Avalanche’ in 2019, Tusks, the talented electronic songwriter and producer also known as Emily Underhill, is back with her much-anticipated third album. Scheduled for release on April 12th, ‘Gold’ promises to be a captivating journey into Tusks’ evolving sonic landscape. To glimpse this upcoming musical endeavour, Tusks has just unveiled her latest single, ‘Adore,’ a mesmerising composition showcasing her distinctive blend of atmospheric production and dynamic songwriting.

Immersed in a symphony of synthesisers and driven by emotionally charged layers of celestial vocal harmonies, Tusks’ latest album is a meticulously crafted, cathartic masterpiece. With its ten deeply resonant electronic pop tracks, ‘Gold’ takes listeners through a sonic landscape that effortlessly transitions from blissful ambience to thought-provoking slow-builders. The album’s dense construction explores dynamics, nuances, and emotions, utilising an array of atmospheric and kinetic textures, all harmonised by Tusks’ singular, powerful voice. Those familiar with Tusks’ musical journey will recognise her well-documented use of music as a medium to convey vulnerability. Her raw and exposed writing style authentically captures the complications and subtleties of relationships, providing a reflective and relatable narrative. ‘Gold’ not only maps the various stages of a romance’s breakdown but also pauses to contemplate the impacts of isolation, both individual and societal, along with themes of anxiety, mental health, and the broader effects of austerity.

“A lot of this album was inspired by contrasting experiences, processing a breakup and then falling in love again. Being constantly surrounded by people in lockdown, then suddenly being completely alone and free. Being in the city vs being in nature. We wanted to echo these contrasts in the production of the music so constantly moved between lo-fi and hi-fi production – sampling our own drum beats, recording them through compressed tin can mics and processing through loads of analogue gear and a 404 then switching to cleaner, larger sounding kits achieved by recording with mics in back rooms and the ceiling to give the impression of space. There was a huge analogue influence on the production and mix too by using loads of analogue synths and modular, putting a lot of the stems through tape and getting to be really creative with using delay throws and feedback on the 501 Space Echo. It was such a fun process and allowed Tom and I to delve into doing exactly what we love.” – Tusks.  

The lead single, Adore, is a moody and emotionally charged track that covers moments when we fall in love and question whether this is the right idea.

“Adore is about falling in love with someone at the start of a relationship when you’re asking yourself if it’s a good idea, if you should fall for that person or whether you should keep yourself guarded. – Tusks.

No doubt this album is set to take us on a wonderous journey with the Tusks world. GOLD is set for release on April 12th, while Adore is available now everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro