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Twelve Foot Ninja Drop “Invincible” New Single

TFN Invincible

After what’s felt like an eternal wait for fans, Melbourne metalheads Twelve Foot Ninja have dropped their latest single Invincible! The 5-piece are known for their tongue-in-cheek musical style, but their new single has gone some way to break the mould.

Twelve Foot Ninja are often placed under the genre of metal fusion, a jazzy, melodic take on heavy metal. It’s hard to explain how this sounds unless you listen to them, but one thing is for sure – it’s super damn catchy.

The single is the lead up to the band’s second full length album ‘Outlier’. The Melbourne boys have gathered a cult following since appearing on the scene in 2008, even garnering enough support to crowdfund their Ain’t That A Bitch music video in 2014.

Invincible wastes no time kicking off with layered vocals and a brutal drop. Hushing to a soft section, frontman Kin Etik’s crispy clean vocals continue to defy expectation. Don’t be fooled, though – as the song builds back into its heavy feel, Kin’s brutal scream and guttural vocals perfectly complement its bass-drenched breakdowns and thrashing choruses.

The lyrics for Invincible are a little different to older Twelve Foot songs, showing off a more serious side with lines like, “Pull me down, pick me up / Will it ever be enough?” Sure, it’s deep, but plenty of harmonies and catchy section changes keep that classic Twelve Foot Ninja sound.

The boys are set to release their album ‘Outlier’ on Friday 26th of August. Lucky for us, they’ve announced they will be doing some Aussie headline shows before heading overseas, only to return to our shores with melodic metal band Disturbed in November. While you’re waiting, you can check out the lyric video to Invincible below!

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Twelve Foot Ninja ‘Outlier’ Tour Dates

Fowlers Live, Adelaide
The Corner, Melbourne
The Cambridge, Newcastle
Bald Face Stag, Sydney

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TFN Outlier Album Art