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Two Times Shy Unveils Emotional Rollercoaster with New Single ‘Losing My Mind’

Brisbane’s pop-punk sensation Two Times Shy returns to the forefront of the music scene with their latest anthem of angst and heartache, ‘Losing My Mind’. Following their triumphant streak in 2023, which saw the release of their debut EP ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’ and a successful interstate tour, the Meanjin/Brisbane-based outfit continues to captivate audiences with their signature blend of raw emotion and energetic melodies.

With over 140k streams under their belt and support slots for notable acts like Late 90s and Bad Neighbour, Two Times Shy solidifies their status as a rising force in the pop-punk realm. ‘Losing My Mind’ encapsulates the band’s evolution, featuring saturated guitar riffs, emotive vocals, and an infectious energy reminiscent of 2000s emo nostalgia.

The track delves into the struggles of relationships and the overwhelming weight of personal issues, resonating with listeners who find solace amid chaos. Two Times Shy’s matured musicality shines through in ‘Losing My Mind’, offering a polished yet poignant reflection of the challenges faced in navigating life’s complexities.

“‘Losing My Mind’ was written about a scenario in which multiple things are contributing to you feeling like you’re going crazy. The relationship that you are in is causing you grief and the problems are exacerbated by your inability to deal with them and your self-destructive tendencies. This whole situation leads to you being fed up, wanting to break free of the situation and needing to do things your own way for a while.”Douglas Hudswell, Two Times Shy.

As fans eagerly embrace this latest release, Two Times Shy continues to carve out their place in the hearts of the heartbroken, delivering relatable narratives packaged in electrifying pop-punk fervour.

Upcoming Shows:
Saturday, April 27 – Lowlife Basement Bar, Adelaide | supporting Down and Out – Tickets

Written by John Zebra