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Tyde Drops Genre-Bending Single ‘Latte Partay’

Brisbane-based sensation Tyde has unleashed their latest sonic concoction, Latte Partay, onto the airwaves today. This fem-led 8-piece band is breaking boundaries with their distinct blend of disco, funk, and rock, serving up a refreshing dose of optimistic nihilism with their infectious beats.

Latte Partay is a vibrant testament to Tyde’s refusal to conform, embracing a playful irreverence that sets them apart. Their impressive resume includes appearances at YONDER Festival and two slots at Byron Bay Bluesfest, as well as supporting renowned acts like Harry James Angus.

“It pokes fun at the generation wars, laughs through the helpless feeling many young people know all too well with our leaders’ inaction across a long list of world issues, and at the end of the day comes back to what’s truly important: caffeine and sharing the love with your mates.” – Ella Belfanti, Tyde.

This genre-bending anthem not only confronts the harsh realities of late-stage capitalism but also serves as a reminder to find joy amidst chaos. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor with friends or grooving on your commute, Latte Partay promises to be the soundtrack to your escapades.

Thur, May 16 – Stranded Bar, Brisbane | w/ Sixth Of The Sun and Moths To A Flame
Fri, May 31 – The Vault, Wollongong | w/ Moths To A Flame
Sat, June 1 – Lazybones Lounge, Sydney | w/ Moths To A Flame
Sun, June 2 – The Retreat, Melbourne | w/ Meraki Minds and Moths To A Flame

Written by John Zebra