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UK Indie-Folk Artist Athena Lim Spreads Joy with New Single ‘Lil’ Kindness’

Athena Lim, the UK indie-folk artist, is back with her latest single, Lil’ Kindness, released on April 21st. Known for her unique blend of musical styles, Athena’s new track is a delightful and uplifting tune that promises to bring a smile to your face from the moment you hit play.

Inspired by the iconic Bob Dylan and his classic Lay Lady Lay, the song’s first line sets the tone for an upbeat and joyful experience. Athena aims to spread positivity with “Lil’ Kindness,” offering a fresh perspective on relationships. Instead of the harsh reality of “ghosting,” she suggests a kinder way to part ways, reminding us to cherish and remember the people in our lives with warmth and light, no matter how brief their presence may be.

“I originally wrote “Lil’ Kindness’ as a kind of melancholy folk song but decided to infuse it with optimism instead and a gospel inspired rhythm. I wanted to transform what I felt was a kind of sad narrative into positive energy.” – Athena Lim.

Lil’ Kindness is the third single from Athena’s debut EP, following her previous releases, including Being Someone which came out on Valentine’s Day. This EP showcases Athena’s wide-ranging influences, from pop and blues to rock, folk, jazz, reggae, and classical music. Her diverse taste has culminated in a distinct indie-folk-pop sound that is both charming and universally appealing.

If you’re looking for a track that radiates joy and positivity, Athena Lim’s Lil’ Kindness is a must-listen. Her heartfelt message and cheerful melodies are sure to resonate with listeners of all ages.