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UK Indie Outfit The Brightlights Release Their Long Awaited Album, ‘Make It Last’

The Brightlights are the most famous band you’ve never heard of and they’ve recently returned to the scene with the new single, Make It Last which is taken from their long awaited debut album of the same name.

There is a very funny, interesting and equally sad story behind the UK indie rock outfit. Their press release describes them as ‘the industries Beatles fantasy that never quite happened’. They have stories of private parties at Richard Bransons, poster boys of failed TV ventures, rejecting record label advances stealing other artists riders at V Festival. The list goes on and on for the impressive publicity. However, where is the music? Where is the album? They were emerging as one of the bands to watch around the mid 00’s for the UK indie scene. Well they’re super stoked to have finally reached the mammoth task of ticking the album off the list.

Make It Last is a classic indie vibe that you would think is best suited to be left behind in the mid 00’s. But that’s the exact opposite. It has the glare of the glory days for the genre. But it has the modern flare of impressive production and song writing. Super fun vocal delivery, high pitched guitar licks and a big chorus. It’s holds it’s nostalgia but sits perfectly in the modern style. It’s an impressive return for The Brightlights. One we welcome with open arms. It’s a shame there are no festival or major live shows happening at the moment, because we need more stories of antics from these guys. Hopefully that kicks off soon and we see them visit our shores when life returns to normal.

As a whole Make It Last the album is a great listen from start to finish. It’s 9 tracks of quick paced fun. It holds that classic university life vibe with the modern touch of a classic indie album

Make It Last is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro