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Ultimate Party Q & A: Dan Tropp from ‘The Strums’

The strums2

Brissie rascals The Strums are tearing up the East Coast at the moment in support of their latest rowdy single Bare Hands. We asked the band’s drummer Dan Tropp about what would be The Strum’s ultimate party ahead of performing at AAA Backstage’s 5th B’day Party at The Foundry.

Who’s hosting the party? Where would it be?

Oh man, our fearless leader Jai Sparks would 100 per cent be hosting the party and be the life of it too! It would be on the beach with all kinds of life endangering  bonfires and explosives.

Is it themed? If so, what is the theme?

90s themed for sure. We are obsessed with 90s smash hits magazine cover stars. I mean who isn’t right?

Who would most likely to be ‘that guy’ and whip out an acoustic guitar and start singing Wonderwall?

I think I’m going to have to go with Jai Sparks for this one too. But it would only take one line of the song before we are all in full boots.

What’s the contents of the Kings Cup?

Vodka & Red Cordial, other wise known as Red Fire Engines or Jai’s a Hypo Child…

Who’s dominating at beer pong?

Heli is a fierce ponger. She was number one ponger in all of Brisbane during the Pong explosion in 2001. Oh, and also a fierce beer lover…so it’s a perfect match!

What’s the party jam? What tunes have everyone dancing?

Well, seeing as its a 90s party it has to be the undisputed king of 90s pop, the man with abs you could wash your hypo coloured t-shirt on and the voice of a thousand drunken angels, PETER ANDRE!!!

Who’s most likely to get white girl wasted?

I’m going to nominate all of us for this one. We are a family, and a family that gets white girls wasted together stays together!

Most likely to nominate themselves DJ and change the songs all the time?

Heli would nominate to be DJ but then Jai and I would constantly and infuriatingly change the songs until she snapped and threw the iPod into the ocean.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about AAA Backstage’s 5th Birthday Party? 

Getting to party with you bunch of legends and celebrating the fact you guys (AAA Backstage) have supported us since day one! Oh, and drinking all of the beers and vodka fire engines and doing what we love most…dancing to Peter Andre and smashing up the stage!

The Strums are appearing at AAA Backstage’s 5th B’day Party at The Foundry alongside The Jensens, Sahara Beck, Ayla, Lastlings, Machine Age + many others!

AAA Backstage’s 5th Birthday Party
The Foundry, Brisbane
Bands Start 7pm
Get Tickets HERE
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